We roll up school news and announcements every TWO weeks and publish those in our Falcon Flier newsletter.

All families and staff are included based on the email contact info provided at registration. If you would like to add another email address or another family member, please subscribe with the button below.

Google Group Email List

Our Google Group is an email list for current LaSalle II parents and teachers, moderated by the LaSalle II PTO. You don’t need to have a gmail address to join.

All PTO announcements will be made through the google group. It is a great way to connect with others in the school community. Also any updates to PTO activities (time change, etc.) are shared with this email list.

Please click the button below sign up. Please include your child’s name, grade and classroom.

School Calendar

Our school calendar includes key CPS dates, events at school, LSC Meetings, and PTO events. You can find a small version on the home page. The button below will open a full page calendar. The same large calendar is available from the “families” menu above.

Once you have the calendar open, you can add this calendar to yours with the subscribe button at the bottom. For gmail accounts this will create a new calendar that loads next to yours, and it will stay up to date as changes are made to events.


LaSalle II parents have a Facebook group which includes about 200+ members. Families and staff may join this group. Facebook is not an official communication tool for the school or PTO. but it is a great way to get quick answers from other parents.

Parent Room

The Parent Room is located in the branch building – room #322. Every parent/guardian is welcome to use it. You can grab a book to read, work on projects while helping out teachers or just relax and enjoy some quiet time. Swing by and check it out!

CPS Volunteer Policy

We love our volunteers at LaSalle II and our school would just not be the same without you! We appreciate the time and support that all of you give to LaSalle II and we want you to be able to continue as a volunteer this school year. As we have mentioned, CPS has a new volunteer application. If you plan on volunteering at the school this school year (chaperone a field trip, volunteer at an event, volunteer in a classroom, etc) you must complete the CPS volunteer application online. It takes less than 5 minutes!

Step 1:
Visit and click the “Complete a Volunteer Application” button.

Step 2:
Fill out the application. Parents will be asked if they are applying as a Level I or Level II volunteer. Most LaSalle II parents will be Level II volunteers.

Step 3:
You will receive a confirmation email that CPS received your application.

Step 4:
Bring your drivers license or state issued ID to the Main Office so that the office staff can make a copy. Once this step is completed, we can approve you as a volunteer.

We are asking all parents (and caregivers if they plan on volunteering) to complete this process so you can be ready should a volunteer opportunity arise. Thank you for your participation in this process and thank you for helping LaSalle II!