Classes begin at 7:45 am and end at 2:45 pm for all students in grades K – 8.

The bell schedule for the pre-kindergarten classes is:

  • AM Classes: 7:45 am – 10:25 am
  • PM Classes: 12:05 pm – 2:40 pm.

All children are expected to be in attendance each day unless they are ill or a family emergency arises. If a child is absent, the parent or guardian must:

  1. Call the school office on the morning of the absence at 773-534-0490 AND
  2. Send a note upon returning to school to the teacher explaining the absence. (Absent form is linked here.)

Absences are marked as excused for family emergencies, student illness, observance of a religious holiday, or a death in the immediate family. All other absences will be marked as unexcused. Students who do not bring a note are also marked as unexcused. It is the student’s responsibility to make up all assignments, projects, and tests that were missed during his/her absence. All make-up work will need to be completed within the same amount of time that the student was ill. For example, if the student missed two days of school, they will two days to submit all missing work from that time.

Please note that all absences are used to calculate the school’s overall attendance rating, which is heavily weighted in the School Quality Rating Policy.