Office Phone Calls

The main office is a very busy place and we have limited staffing available to answer phones. We are unable to call students down from class to accept phone calls or interrupt instruction to relay messages to students. Students will not be allowed to miss instructional time to make non-emergency phone calls home for missing homework, supplies, pick-up arrangements, field-trip money/slip etc.


Students attend recess daily. Please make sure students are dressed appropriately during winter months, as they will still have outdoor recess, even in cold weather or snow. During dangerous cold or rain, students will have indoor recess.

Lost and Found

Lost and found items are stored in closet in the Main Lobby. Parents are encouraged to check periodically for any missing items. Unclaimed items will be donated monthly to local charities.


The parent/teacher organizations (PTO) operates a drop-off service every school day. It runs immediately before school beginning at 7:35am. Morning drop-off is open for all ages and parent volunteers escort students from their car to the playground.


State law requires that parents present proof of immunization and health exams upon enrollment. Students must be in compliance or they will be excluded until proof of required medical services is submitted.


In order to be considerate of everyone and not to be exclusionary, students and/or parents may not pass out invitations for outside activities anytime during the school day.

Birthdays/Holidays/Special Occasions

CPS mandates that we can no longer distribute food for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions. Please do not send these items, as we would have to return them. Also, no balloons of any kind are permitted at school. Parents may choose to bring in non-food items such as pencils, erasers, stickers, etc. to help your child celebrate his/her special day.


The school does not serve foods with peanuts. Parents can still send peanuts or peanut putter in lunches or for personal snacks. We have a peanut free table in the lunchroom for those who have allergies. Also if a child has a peanut allergy, their teacher may ask you to eliminate nuts in the classroom snacks just to be safe.


School personnel may not administer any medication, including aspirin, without a signed authorization form. Students who need to take any medicine must present a statement of permission, signed by the doctor and parent or guardian, before bringing the medication to school. The medication and form must be left in the office. The school nurse or principal’s designee will administer the medication to the child at the required time.

In an effort to best serve your child, it is important that the teacher and principal know about critical medical conditions. If your child is allergic to bee stings, has a chronic condition (asthma, diabetes, etc.), or other physical ailments that the school should be made aware of, please inform the school. Most of the common medical authorization forms can be found in the Files.

Parent Responsibilities

Parents play a critical role in their child’s education. All parents are asked to:

  • Ensure that your child adheres to the school dress code.
  • Monitor student’s work daily
  • Monitor grades thru Parent Portal
  • Check and adhere to deadlines for long-term assignments/projects
  • Sign and return all tests, progress reports, and behavior notices
  • Send notes for absences
  • Adhere to deadlines for field trips and sports activities
  • Pay school fees and purchase supplies in a timely manner
  • Attend parent meetings/conferences
  • Assist classroom teacher working with your child
  • Participate in PTO activities