Pi Day 2022 Celebration in Middle School

Every year on March 14th we celebrate Pi Day in Middle School at LaSalle II. This year each grade level participated in different activities including, the reading of Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi, discovering where the number pi comes from, playing a game to practice finding the circumference and area of circles and solving some challenging pi day riddles. The students were able to make t-shirts the week before and wear them on pi day. All of the students participated in our Annual Pi Bee to see who can memorize the most digits of pi. The 1st place winner from each class went home with a pie to share with their family!

6th Grade Winners:

Room 215: 1st place – Emily; 2nd place – Daja; 3rd place – Estela.

Room 216: 1st place – Zoe; 2nd place – Reese; 3rd place – Gus.

7th Grade Winners:

Room 210: 1st place – Lucio I.; 2nd place – Lamise B.; 3rd place: Ruby V.

Room 211: 1st place – Nora M.; 2nd place – Kaleb L.; 3rd place tie: Max T. & Bailey A.

8th Grade Winners:

Room 212: 1st place – Autumn E.; 2nd place – Hudson D.; 3rd place – Myah S.

Room 214: 1st place – Madison L.; 2nd place – Niza T.; 3rd place tie: Kayla E. & Kenzie H.

Fashion Week in French

It was fashion week at LaSalle II, and the 5th grade French students put on quite the show. The students used a box of fabrics and old clothing to create their own brand and looks for a runway show. After coming together as a design team, the students took turns using their French from our unit to describe their brand and what each model wore during their show. Merci for a creative and fun fashion show!

Reading in KDG

Students in kindergarten are enthusiastic about reading “Mercy Watson to the Rescue,” a chapter book about Mercy-our beloved pig and her obsession with her favorite food-buttered toast. Mercy Watson to the Rescue is the story of Mercy the pig and Mr. and Mrs. Watson. Mercy is their pet pig, who lives in their home, and who even has her own room! However, when her owners Mr. and Mrs. Watson get into trouble, it’s up to Mercy to save the day!

While it is important for students to read books at kindergarten level, it is also important to read chapter books to kindergartners as well. The book itself is a hybrid between a picture book and an early chapter book, making this a perfect read. The appealing illustrations add yet another layer of hilarity to an already comic text. Each chapter, students explore ideas and familiarize themselves with elements of literary analysis, setting, plot, characters, character traits, making predictions, and learning complex vocabulary. Students enjoyed working and writing their own workbooks and were eager to find out- in what kind of trouble would Mercy find herself in YET again.

Mi Ciudad

4th grade Spanish students explored the different aspects of city life. After learning about the capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires, students then became the architects of their own city! Students designed their cities (real or fictional) and presented them in Spanish to their classmates and Ms. Fuller. They discussed special places in their city, location, transportation and activities they like to do. Great work 4th grade!

8th Grade Civics Students- By Myah S. and Damaris R.

Over the past few weeks, eighth grade has been learning about voting rights. Voting rights are a large part of our country’s history; however, there is minimal awareness. In civics, eighth grade analyzed how voting rights evolved in America. Throughout history, many Americans, such people of color and women, had limited or no voting rights until the mid 1900s. So what happened with voting rights after the 1900s? Eighth grade researched these rights from the early 2000s to 2022. We created posters to share our findings with the class. The posters varied in information, ideas, and colors. Through this project, we realized that voting rights are an ongoing issue. Most importantly, eighth grade learned the importance of voting within our communities. Remember your right to vote is a privilege you should not take for granted. In our next election, please don’t forget to vote!

L2 Peer Buddies

This week, the 1st and 6th grade students combined their knowledge of science and reading to learn about the layers of the Earth. 6th grade students created digital storybooks about a mole digging his way through the chemical and physical layers of the earth. The 6th grade paired up with the 1st grade as they were celebrating Read Across America Week to read to the 1st grade students. Many new friendships were made between 1st and 6th grade and lots of new knowledge was learned!

Chicago Works Grant

We are excited to share that LaSalle II has been selected as one of 21 semi finalists out of 500 applications for the Chicago Works Grant. Winners are awarded up to 1.5 million dollars to renovate public spaces.

As we are all well aware, the school outdoor space is in poor condition and subject to frequent flooding, making the playfield unusable and closed off during recess and Physical Education classes. Further, the playground is popular with the local community. The playfield also experiences damage when used during muddy or wet conditions which causes continued degradation. In addition to the school population, the LaSalle II grounds are open to the public and is popular with the local community for outdoor play and exercise.

The purpose of this project is to improve the usability of the space and better organize the remaining space to allow for safe play and exploration by the students and community. When fully funded, the project will replace the grass playfield with synthetic turf, create a 1/8 mile running track encircling the playground, better organize the basketball courts to get a full court size and half court size, add seating, and add lighting. The synthetic turf will be striped for U-8 regulation soccer and a kick ball/soft ball diamond with a backstop. These playfield improvements will allow the students and community to enjoy a mud free area for active play including soccer, kick ball, softball, and exercise. The LaSalle II playfield will continue to be open to the community.

In order to help make this plan a reality, there are a few things we need from our school community.

  • Sign the petition here and share with others! The more signatures the better.
  • Save the date for the virtual community meeting on 10/21 at 6pm. You can sign-up here.

Winners will be announced in December to stay tuned for more updates!

SY20-21 Open Houses for Prospective Families

Due to Covid-19, we are unable to host our usual in-person Open Houses. Once we are able to resume in-person, we will post those dates.

K-8 Parents– As an alternative, we recently held an information session for prospective students in grades K-8 who received an offer for admission. We recorded the session and it can be found here. Additionally, we have another informational video about the school that can be found here.

PreK Parents– We hosted a virtual Open House for all interested families and you can find the link here.