Civics Zines

Grateful in Room 109

We have so much to be thankful for this year! During the month of November, the first graders in Mrs. MacLagan’s classroom spent a lot of time discussing all that they are thankful for – family, friends, health, school, food, home, and so much more. We talked about family traditions, read Thanksgiving stories, created “Trees […]

Field Trip Fun in Room 104

As a part of our building unit, we were able to discuss different kinds of homes, and had the opportunity to go on two great field trips! One was a walking field trip, where we went around our neighborhood and looked at different kinds of houses, and followed a map to find specific unique homes. […]

Celebrating Veterans Day in Third Grade

During the month of November, the third graders in Mrs. Baird and Ms. Catala’s classroom learned a lot about veterans day. We read books and newsmagazines, and watched videos to learn when and why we celebrate this special day. Several students actually got to interview veterans from their own family and share their responses. It […]

Learning about Pumpkins

Last week was Pumpkin Week in Room 110! We started off the week reading nonfiction books and learned all about pumpkins. One of the most interesting facts we learned was that some pumpkins are blue! Mrs. Kim cut open a real pumpkin and students were able to reach in to feel the pulp and seeds. […]

Vaccine Clinic Success!

This week we held our vaccine clinic in partnership with InstaVaxx and administered 100 shots! We were so excited to be able to help in the effort to increase our vaccination rates and ensure everyone stays safe and healthy!

Chicago Works Grant

We are excited to share that LaSalle II has been selected as one of 21 semi finalists out of 500 applications for the Chicago Works Grant. Winners are awarded up to 1.5 million dollars to renovate public spaces.

As we are all well aware, the school outdoor space is in poor condition and subject to frequent flooding, making the playfield unusable and closed off during recess and Physical Education classes. Further, the playground is popular with the local community. The playfield also experiences damage when used during muddy or wet conditions which causes continued degradation. In addition to the school population, the LaSalle II grounds are open to the public and is popular with the local community for outdoor play and exercise.

The purpose of this project is to improve the usability of the space and better organize the remaining space to allow for safe play and exploration by the students and community. When fully funded, the project will replace the grass playfield with synthetic turf, create a 1/8 mile running track encircling the playground, better organize the basketball courts to get a full court size and half court size, add seating, and add lighting. The synthetic turf will be striped for U-8 regulation soccer and a kick ball/soft ball diamond with a backstop. These playfield improvements will allow the students and community to enjoy a mud free area for active play including soccer, kick ball, softball, and exercise. The LaSalle II playfield will continue to be open to the community.

In order to help make this plan a reality, there are a few things we need from our school community.

  • Sign the petition here and share with others! The more signatures the better.
  • Save the date for the virtual community meeting on 10/21 at 6pm. You can sign-up here.

Winners will be announced in December to stay tuned for more updates!

SY20-21 Open Houses for Prospective Families

Due to Covid-19, we are unable to host our usual in-person Open Houses. Once we are able to resume in-person, we will post those dates.

K-8 Parents– As an alternative, we recently held an information session for prospective students in grades K-8 who received an offer for admission. We recorded the session and it can be found here. Additionally, we have another informational video about the school that can be found here.

PreK Parents– We hosted a virtual Open House for all interested families and you can find the link here.