Our LaSalle II Family

We realize that there are a lot of differing opinions about all the issues related to the strike, but I think we can all agree that at LaSalle II we have some of the best staff around! We are truly blessed to have such a great group of dedicated and hard-working educators, who work tirelessly to ensure a quality education for our students. 

Track-a-Thon was a Success!

Despite the brisk weather, we had a great track-a-thon event! We raised over $10,000 and Evan E. in 2nd grade was the winner of the raffle for the $100 AMC gift card! A huge thank you to Mr. Taff, Ms. Sapieka and our volunteers for helping to make this event a success. 

Google Docs in 4th Grade

Mrs. Sosa’s 4th graders have learned to access google docs! They wrote their story in the google doc instead of their writing journals. Then they shared their google doc with Mrs. Sosa. Students talked about how this platform makes editing, conferencing and making revisions much easier when getting ready to publish a writing piece. For many students getting to type their writing is a turning point for their actual writing quality and motivation.

6th Grade Field Trip To The Second City

Last Friday, 6th grade students participated in a 2 hour Intro to Communications workshop at The Second City. Students played improv games which help them relate to and communicate more effectively with those around them. The kids all had a great time showing off their more dramatic sides and making each other laugh, as you can see from their group photo!

Science Olympics

The 8th grade class began their science explorations with STEM challenges of Olympic proportions!  The students were given 5 different challenges, Regatta, Dominoes, Aerodynamics, Cartesian Divers, and Slow Roller.  After a brief introduction to each challenge the students, working in groups, chose three of the five challenges in which to compete. 

The students then researched concepts associated with their challenge, discussed and formulated a plan of action and tested their hypothesis.  On the day of their challenge the students had 15 minutes in which to create their final hypothesis based on their observations and results from the practices.

Regatta:  Students researched buoyancy and created a boat from wax paper, aluminum foil, or copier paper.  Once the students had their construction floating they would had gram cubes until the boat began to take on water.  The winning boat held 1086 grams!  

Dominoes:  Students researcher force and inertia.  They then designed how they would set up 100 dominoes to knock down with a single push.  Each branch added an additional 10 pts. Each 110 degree curve added another 10 pts and any dominoes that fell up or down an incline would gain a two pt. bonus. Highest competitor was 290 dominoes!

Aerodynamics:  Students researched Bernoulli’s principle in terms of flight and the force of air.  Students designed an air propulsion rocket, that had a mass of 2-4 grams, that would hit a target bullseye 3.5 meters from launch site. 

Cartesian Divers:  Students researched Pascal’s principle.  Placing three divers into a 2 liter plastic bottle filled with water.  Students had to manipulate the density and buoyancy of the divers to make them descend in a specific order and rate. Very challenging but all teams were successful!

Slow Roller:  Students researched force, inertia and friction. Using a variety of objects, such as, rulers, wooden dowels, and yarn, students designed a course that with a single push would keep a marble rolling as long as possible without going off a large piece of construction paper.  The longest time was 17.42 sec!

Each team earned 5pts for a first place finish, 3pts for a second place finish and 2pts for a third place finish.  After all of the challenges were completed the totals were tabulated and the overall Science Olympic Champions for the 2019-2020 school year are:

  • Room 212:  Jorge G.; Naija S.; Alexis R.; Dallas B.
  • Room 214:  Kaillen V.; Brooklyn F.; Sabina O.; Alex G.

Bringing the World To Our Students

Bringing the World To Our Students

During the first four weeks of the new school year, our LaSalle II Chinese Program introduced China to our kindergarteners. The photos show how happy the 5-year children are holding flags of US and China as they dance and sing Hello to China and Hello to the United States. First graders were introduced to eight countries around the world.  Notice how they enjoy locating countries on the world map. Our seventh graders performed in a dance program at the 2019 Chinese Cultural Festival on September 28th at Whitney Young High School.  All of these students had a good time and said it was a lot of fun.  Bobby and Sophia commented that learning to coordinate with each other as members of a team was a valuable lesson. Natalie and Eleanor mentioned that they put a lot of hard work into practicing but they learned a lot of “cool things” about Chinese culture. This is the third time these students had an opportunity to bring what they learned in class to an outside audience. 

October SEL Theme of the Month: Communication

This October we are focusing on unlocking the keys to strong communication! Our six keys are be positive, speak clearly, explain how you feel, listen as much as you speak, be polite, and use kind words. Students will be practicing communication scenarios in class. Everyone can try out these important keys to strong communication at home in practice and in real life situations! Ask your child to demonstrate one key of strong communication this month

8th Grade Team-Building

Last Friday 8th grade students attended an all day ropes course and team-building workshop at The Outer Edge in Bensenville. Students participated in rope swings, tight rope walks, and wall climbing. It was a great experience for students and staff, and we are all excited to start off this year in high spirits!

School Ranking

We are excited to announce that for the first time ever, LaSalle II has been ranked as one of the top Chicago elementary schools by Chicago Magazine! We are so proud of our teachers, students and parents for their hard work in making our school such a wonderful place. 

Introducing the Falcons’ Nest!

This year we are thrilled to announce the arrival of a new student sensory and calm down room! Our School Counselor, Ms. Nora Sapieka, will meet with students who need a break from class, who have earned reward time, who participate in the ever popular Lunch Bunches, and much more. Stop by and say hi in Room 112 if you’re in the building, but for now, enjoy this short video.