The Writings of Middle School ELA

Sixth and Seventh grade students are in the process of completing their first units in the Pearson Realize textbook!

Sixth grade will begin writing their first essay of the school year. It will be a narrative nonfiction essay! Over a two-three week span, students will learn how great writers tell their stories, develop a story arc, draft, edit, revise, and publish, then they will live those same steps. Students will use their response to the Essential Question “What are some of the challenges and triumphs of growing up?” in their essays as well.

Our Seventh-grade scholars are closing out Unit 5, ‘Overcoming Adversity.’ They will begin writing an informative essay the week of 12/9 using their responses to at least five Essential Question responses. Students will continue the development of their writing techniques we began last year to produce well-researched, well-cited, well-articulated pieces of writing.

Learning Writing in KDG

Team 110 kindergartners have been working hard on becoming brave writers this year. We’ve moved on from writing just one page into authoring fully-fledged books and scrolls! The use of tape and staplers allows students to add on pages to their teach-about-the-world texts. Students are adding more details, pictures, and words to their teaching books each day. On Friday, we will celebrate our very first publishing party, where we will share our finished pieces with our 4th grade reading buddies in Mrs. Sosa’s class!

Learning about Winter

Room 103 has just begun our Winter Unit and we are so excited! This month we will be reading some classics, such as, “The Mitten,” “The Gingerbread Man,” and “The Snowy Day.” We will be making our own snowmen with students’ faces and names on them. We are also exploring the sensory components of Winter: Cinnamon playdoh, fake snow in our sensory bin, cotton ball sensory bottles and making our own snowflakes! For a special winter treat, Mr. Ben comes every Friday to play music, this month all the songs are Winter Themed! 

PTO Build-a-Snowman and Bake Sale – Dec. 6, 2019

Come decorate a wooden snowman and enjoy baked goods and hot chocolate to help raise money for your LaSalle II PTO. We have tall snowmen (6 feet) and short snowmen (4 feet) – blank canvases waiting for you to bring them to life. Tall snowmen are $75 and short snowmen are $50. We have a limited number so reserve yours now! Note that the PTO provides the snowmen but you must bring your own supplies for decorating.

We are using Eventbrite for you to reserve your snowmen, but not for payment. Please be prepared to make payment by cash or check on December 6, or at any time via quick pay to (please note the purpose of the payment). Click below to register!

Collecting Words in 2nd Grade

Students in Mrs. Quagliano’s classroom read The Word Collector by Peter H. Reynolds. This is a story about a boy named Jerome who collects words instead of things. He collects all kinds of words and sorts them into different categories. At the end of the story Jerome releases the words on a high hill for the children below him to collect and learn from. The quote at the end of the story says, “Reach for your own words, tell the world who you are and how you will make it better.” Students collected words to describe themselves and created pictures to be displayed in the room.

Student-Led Conferences

Student led conferences were a time for parents to celebrate their child’s success.  Students were able to show their parents many aspects of their learning and what they have accomplished in school thus far.  It was special to see the students learn autonomously and take ownership of their classroom.

LaSalle II Students in China!

Our 8th graders are currently in China for their exchange trip! We can’t wait to hear about all of their adventures when they return. 

Hispanic Heritage Month

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, the students in Room 120 created their own heritage projects! These third graders researched and created posters with beautiful pictures.  During our presentations, we learned about our classmates’ heritage, the languages we speak, and some of the traditions our families have.  Some other things we learned about each other were our family hobbies, interests, foods we love, and our family values.  It was a fun activity and we really learned a lot about each other and some cool history about traditions and ethnic foods.

A Trip to the Theater

In October the 8th grade students made their way via CTA to attend “The Brothers Size” at Steppenwolf Theater. Playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney shared the complex bonds of brotherhood, told through the unique experiences of three African American males, two of which were brothers. McCraney used poetry, music and Yoruba mythology to describe the fight between freedom and the need to belong somewhere, to something, to someone. It was an emotional play, which sparked much conversation among the 8th graders and their teachers.

November SEL Theme of the Month: Gratitude and Thanks!

We are grateful to be back in school! We are grateful for our amazing LaSalle II community! We are grateful for an excellent education for our students to ensure their future successes! This, and other gratitudes, are what we will focus on for our SEL theme of the month. Often times we get bogged down in the little problems of everyday life and forget to appreciate everything that we DO have. Practice gratitude everyday by saying one thing for which you are grateful when you wake up and/or go to sleep. Let’s all model gratitude for our students, children, and ourselves. Happy November and Happy Thanksgiving to all!