Elementary Science Olympiad Competition

The LaSalle II Elementary Science Olympiad team competed this past weekend. Overall, we placed in 9 out of 12 different competitions.

  • Aerodynamics: Pharaoh A, Evan B, Daniel T – 3rd Place
  • Anatomy: Taelor P, Biko H, Evan B – 3rd Place
  • Backyard Biologist: Giulia B, Maia W, Samia J – 3rd Place
  • Bridge Building: Arielle B, Gabriela M, Taelor P – 2nd Place
  • Junk Cars: Ryan W, Henry B, Giulia B – 1st Place
  • Metric Mastery: Vaeda V, Noah D., Dries H – 1st Place
  • Mystery Powders: Alex V, Varun S, Joaquin I – 1st Place
  • Rock Hound: Biko H, Beno D, and Noah P – 2nd Place
  • Trageggtory: Noah P., Asha, Beno – 1st Place
  • Weather or Not: Elih E, Alex V, Joaquin I – 3rd Place


Congratulations to our students and their teacher sponsors, Mr. Taff and Ms. Aquino, for their hard work and dedication!

Invention Convention

The seventh grade representatives of LaSalle II competed in the CSIC (Chicago Student Invention Convention) at Clemente High School on Saturday. There were about 300 presenters. In the Junior High division, of 34 students, Kira S. and Jadah C. took fourth place. Grace P. took third place and Christopher P. took First. Christopher has also been invited to participate in the National Invention Convention in Washington D.C.. Also, participating were Andrew W, Willem P, Amelia L, Lesly G, and Luke M.

8th Grade Science Fair

Emma Z. and Tiffany L. recently participated in the regional Science Fair and have qualified for the city wide competition.

Middle School Science Olympiad

The Science Olympiad Team participated in the Chicago Invitational on Saturday, February 4th at Westinghouse College Prep.

  • Charlie H. and John J. placed first in Bottle Rockets
  • Olivia Q. and Aylee S. placed second in Optics
  • Oliva Q. and Ashley S. placed third in Write It Do It
  • Michael K. and John J. placed second n Hovercraft.

Elementary Science Olympiad

Dear Future Olympians,

Last year, LaSalle II was selected as one of only 13 elementary schools in northern Illinois to participate in an Elementary Science Olympiad pilot program for students in 3rd through 5th grades. Science Olympiad has been operating in Illinois for over thirty years but has never had an elementary program. We have been invited once again to participate in an expanded program

The Elementary Science Olympiad will consist of 12 different categories that students can choose to compete. The categories have a wide range of interests from anatomy, aerodynamics, bridge building, backyard biologist, to chemistry to name a few. Each category can have up to three students working together in competition against other school teams.

The LaSalle II team will meet every other Wednesday from 3:00-4:00 p.m. The formal schedule dates will follow. We will hold an informational meeting and practice for interested students and parents on Thursday 9/22 in Room 210 from 3:00-4:00 p.m. Please fill out the form below and return it to Mr. Taff by Tuesday 9/27 if you are interested.

Thank you,

Please Print


Student Name:_____________________________________


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Parent Signature:___________________________________

Investigating Simple Machines

Learning about levers

“You Be the Chemist”

The LaSalle II “You Be the Chemist” team competed on March 19 at North Park University against 23 other teams. The “You Be the Chemist team met every Wednesday after school to discuss, learn and experiment with chemistry topics. Our team demonstrated their knowledge of exothermic and endothermic reactions.

Nora L. competed in the knowledge of chemistry challenge and place 10th out of 43 other competitors. The knowledge portion, consisting of multiple choice questions with 15 seconds to answer, ranged from knowledge of lab ware to chemical reaction balancing formulas.

Pictured are Michael K., Liam S., Dante R., Nora L., and Jazmin S.

Invention Convention

Second graders have been hard at work over the last few months preparing to take part in the LaSalle II Invention Convention that took place on March 9th. They were excited and passionate and this shined through in their creative inventions and their confidant presentation to the judges. What an enjoyable, rewarding, inspirational, and educational experience for all of us! Good luck to all of our LaSalle II representatives that will go on to compete on April 2nd against other CPS schools!

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Elementary Science Olympiad

From Mr Taff:

This year a select group of twelve elementary schools in northern Illinois including LaSalle II will compete in a Science Olympiad for 3-5th graders.


Mr Taff and Ms Aquino are leading a series of after school science sessions for the 48 students who signed up to participate. Up to 10 groups of 3, each focused on a unique science challenge will travel to the competition once that date is finalized.


The students have created egg toss vehicles, dissected a chicken wings, built straw bridges, and flown paper airplanes. Did you know that the bones and muscles of a chicken wing resemble the parts of a human arm?


The remaining practice sessions will be held every other Thursday at 2:45-4:00 through April. Please check the school calendar for specifics.


First Grade Science

First Grade Science

From Ms Waters:

Our first graders are learning about the states of matter (solids, liquids and gas).

While in the Science Lab, students worked in groups to explore a bag of solids. Some items included a cloth, triangle, screw, popsicle stick, plastic tube etc. They had to discuss what properties the solids shared and record their findings.