Following please find several graphics for our school community to use. We have collected small, medium and large versions of the LaSalle II logos. Thes PNG versions have a transparent background. Right click on the graphics you would like to use to download the images or open them in a new tab.

LaSalle II Falcon Logo

Vector File

PNG: small | medium | large


LaSalle II Stacked Logo

PNG: small | medium | large

 LaSalle II logo_sml. format-300ppi

LaSalle II Falcons Logo

PNG: small | medium | large

LaSalle II FALCONS_sml-300ppi

LaSalle II PTO Logo

PNG: small | medium | large

JPG: small | medium | large

LaSalle II School Colors

The school’s logos are designed around pantone colors 2603 and 279. Variations on the purple color in hex are ccbbdb a686bb 8859a2 6e2a8c 6e298d. The blue colors are CEDBF0 A3BEE3 7BA5D7 508FCC 4891dc.