Student Fundraiser

Two of our students, Lucy L. and Vaeda V. showed their giving spirit byt raising money for LaSalle II at a recent community event. The money will be used towards helping to cover field trips costs of students in need.

Spring Thaw, 3/25

Join us for Spring Thaw, our biggest event of the year, on Saturday, March 25, 2017, 6 – 11 pm at the National Museum of Mexican Art, 1852 W. 19th St. for Live Music * Food * Drinks. This year’s theme is 80s Prom. Dress in theme or come as you are. You can buy tickets and see the auction items with this button.

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spring thaw 2017

Chromebooks at LaSalle II

Technology is very helpful in our classrooms. Students use portable devices like Chromebooks to do research. Our teachers also use chromebooks to provide personalized math, social studies, and reading activities using resources like IXL, Xtramath, Read Theory, and Raz Kids. Many of the assessment tests are done on Chromebooks now too so that everyone doesn’t have to use the PCs in the computer lab.

LaSalle 2 PTO recently raised $18K to purchase 2 carts of Chromebooks as a big step in offering portable technology throughout our classrooms. The school now has 9 traveling carts containing 32 Chromebooks each, and most classrooms have the carts for some part of their week.

Two additional Chromebook carts would be put to use immediately if we had them. Please join the other families who are using the monthly donation option as their way of contributing to the LaSalle II PTO Campaign for Excellence. A donation of $50 per month will cover the cost of two Chromebooks towards our goal. Donations of any amount are always appreciated.

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Thank You LaSalle II PTO!

A huge thank you to our PTO for working tirelessly to raise funds for our school. Recently, the West Town Chamber of Commerce presented a check for $31,148.87 to our school as a result of our participation in summer festivals.

The West Town Chamber of Commerce was thrilled to be able to give back to the community. Proceeds from the Chamber’s 2016 special events generated over $52,000 in funds that the Chamber Board was able to donate to the following local schools and non-profits:

La Salle II PTO
Talcott Fine Arts and Museum Academy
Friends of Pritzker School
Erie Neighborhood House
The Arts of Life Inc.

The festivals are not only fun, they are economic development tools that draw thousands of consumers to the commercial corridors, they attract new business to West Town, and they have this direct positive impact on local non-profits and schools in the community. The Chamber, a local non-profit as well, also benefits from the special events and raises the bulk of the Chamber operating and member programming budgets from festival fundraising.

La Salle II and Pritzker organize the Family Fun Fest area at Do Division and also benefit 100% from activities in that area raising even more money for the school. Talcott organizes Kid Fest at West Fest and also benefits from 100% of the activities in the Kid Fest area for additional direct fundraising. The other non-profits provide volunteers and partner in some way with the Chamber to produce and license the events, and in exchange get a donation from festival proceeds.

Build a Snowman, 12/9

From Jen Vojticek:

Our PTO Build a Snowman event will be on 12/9 from 3-6pm. Reserve a snowman on Eventbrite, and gather supplies to make your design come to life. At we will have hot cocoa and baked goods for sale.

Join in the fun and support LaSalle II PTO!

Reserve Your Snowman

Restaurant Day, 11/9

From Anne Wortel:

Hope you can join us this Wednesday Nov 9 before or after your report card pick up at The Boundary 11:30am-8:00pm! The Boundary will generously donate 15% of the proceeds to the PTO.

Perujazz Field Trip

LaSalle II is a World Language is the Magnet school, and an important piece to each student’s education is exposure to the cultures and communities that embrace the languages that they are learning. This helps our kids become better able to understand other people’s points of view, ways of life, and contributions to the world.

We are fortunate to live in a diverse city with exciting field trip opportunities. Recently our 4th and 5th grade Spanish students visited the Old Town School of Folk Music for a performance by Perujazz. The concert featured traditional Peruvian instruments such as the quena, zampona and bongos with contemporary tenor sax, electric bass and drums, just to name a few. You learn more about the band here:

Field Trip Pictures

Money raised by the PTO funded the bus transportation that made this trip possible. Students studying other languages take similar trips throughout the year. We need your help to continue to provide cultural experiences like this. Please join the other 10 families who are using the monthly donation option as their way of contributing to the LaSalle II PTO Campaign for Excellence. A donation of $50 per month could provide 60 children exposure to a unique experience like this trip. Donations of any amount are appreciated.

Donate to the PTO

Keeping Recess Safe

Recess is very important for our kids. Obviously it is fun for them. It also helps them stay healthy, and it helps them learn throughout their day. Our teachers will tell you that kids stay more focused if they get exercise at recess.

Making recess run safely and smoothly is a challenge. On any given day our school needs to supervise more than 500 kids ranging from kindergarten to 8th grade, and recess times span 3 hours of the day. It takes five high energy people. Since budget cuts have eliminated funding for most support staff,  the school pays the JCC to staff this important job.

With this year’s budget cuts the school might not have been able to pay for recess playground supervision without cutting something else. Fortunately we have a great school community. Over the past year our PTO had saved enough money to help, and we had the money to cover the $25,000 it costs for recess supervision.


Next year we will have a similar challenge, and we need your help. A donation of about $3 per day (less than a latte) or $100 per month would help cover almost two weeks of recess supervision. Please consider donating to the LaSalle II PTO Campaign for Excellence. Donation of any amount are appreciated.





Trivia Night, 11/3

From Heather Delgado:

Join us for our first LaSalle II Trivia Night. Battle for amazing prizes! Best team theme wins a prize too. Sign up as a team of up to 8 or individually and be assigned to a team. Parents, teachers, aunts, uncles let’s see what you know! $30 per participant. Space is limited.

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New Water Fountains

Thanks to our Student Council, we have two new bottle fillers in the school. Each of these water fountains now have cold and filtered water. A huge thank you to last years’ Student Council! We are so excited about this new addition to our school.