Accidents / Illness / Injury

If a student is seriously injured in an accident or becomes seriously ill at school, their parent or guardian will be called immediately. If the parent cannot be reached, we will attempt to contact the adult listed at the emergency number. Seriously ill or injured children will be transported by ambulance to the nearest hospital. Children cannot receive treatment at a hospital unless a parent has been contacted. Please keep your emergency forms up to date with our office.

After Care / Enrichment

After school care and after school enrichment classes are available through the JCC. No student will be allowed access to the building outside of school hours unless they are enrolled in a program or have a teacher's permission. Siblings are not allowed to wait in the office for brothers or sisters enrolled in after school programs. For information, contact the JCC at 1-844-452-2244 or via their website at:


Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend in-school assemblies. As a courtesy to all the students performing, parents must remain through the entire performance.


Classes begin at 7:45 am and end at 2:45 pm for all students in grades K - 8.

The bell schedule for the pre-kindergarten classes is:

  • AM Classes: 7:45 am - 10:25 am
  • PM Classes: 12:05 pm - 2:40 pm.

All children are expected to be in attendance each day unless they are ill or a family emergency arises. If a child is absent, the parent or guardian must:

  1. Call the school office on the morning of the absence at 773-534-0490 AND
  2. Send a note upon returning to school to the teacher explaining the absence. (Absent form is linked here.)

Absences are marked as excused for family emergencies, student illness, observance of a religious holiday, or a death in the immediate family. All other absences will be marked as unexcused. Students who do not bring a note are also marked as unexcused. It is the student's responsibility to make up all assignments, projects, and tests that were missed during his/her absence. All make-up work will need to be completed within the same amount of time that the student was ill. For example, if the student missed two days of school, they will two days to submit all missing work from that time.

Please note that all absences are used to calculate the school’s overall attendance rating, which is heavily weighted in the School Quality Rating Policy.

Birthdays/Holidays/Special Occasions

CPS mandates that we can no longer distribute food for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions. Please do not send these items, as we would have to return them. Also, no balloons of any kind are permitted at school. Parents may choose to bring in non-food items such as pencils, erasers, stickers, etc. to help your child celebrate his/her special day.

Breakfast / Lunch

All students are eligible to receive a free breakfast and lunch. Students pick up their breakfast as they enter the building each morning. For lunch, students will pick up their hot lunch in the cafeteria. No glass containers, glass bottles, or cans are allowed. Students may not share food with other students. Lunches from fast food restaurants are not allowed.

CPS Food Menus

Cellular Phones

Students in K-4: Students bring cell phones to school at their own risk. The school is not responsible for lost or damaged phones. For students who bring cell phones must keep them turned off and kept in a book bag. Unauthorized use of a cell phone any time during the school day, including recess, will result in the confiscation of the phone. A parent or guardian will be required to pick up the phone.

Students in 5-8: Students who bring a cell phone to school must turn-in the item to the homeroom teacher. Phones will be stored in the Main Office security safe during the school day and phones will be returned at the end of the school day.

Collection of Monies

Cash or money order the preferred method for any payment to the school. Credit cards and personal checks will not be accepted.

Computer Acceptable Use Policy

School computers have internet access to enhance and supplement the general curriculum. CPS has a Student Acceptable Use Policy which describes the proper and improper use of computers for students. This can be found on the CPS Website under "S" on the policy handbook page. Students violating the policy will be disciplined as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct a copy of which may be found in the Forms Library.

Dress Code and Clothing

As a public elementary school, it is our responsibility to ensure that students obtain the knowledge, skills and habits needed to navigate our world successfully, while also respecting the right to express both individuality and creativity. It is our goal to ensure that all students feel comfortable, safe and respected at LaSalle II.

Dress Code

Students may wear a variety of colors and styles so long as they adhere to the following criteria:

  • Shorts, skirts, and dresses must cover your bottom when sitting and/or standing.·
  • Straps less than 3 finger-widths, tube tops, or halter top dresses and shirts are not allowed unless worn under a cardigan or jacket.
  • Underclothing must not be visible. Clothing must cover the stomach and back, even when stretching.
  • Clothing and footwear must not present a safety hazard to the wearer or to others. Students should use discretion when wearing high heels, as we have outdoor recess daily. Flip-flops and shoes with wheels (ie. Heeley’s) are not permitted.

The following are not permitted:

  • Hoods or hats worn indoors (hooded sweatshirts are permitted indoors with hoods down)
  • Mesh or see-through clothing
  • Clothing with inappropriate language or designs (e.g., symbols, pictures or messages that promote illegal substances, convey information that is distasteful, harassing, obscene, or gang-related)
  • As a courtesy to those with allergies or asthma, refrain from wearing excessive perfume, cologne, or body spray.

Dress code requirements may be relaxed at staff discretion for student performances, sports and other activities.

Please note that in cases of students violating these policies, we will contact you so that you can bring the proper attire that day. Administration has the final authority to determine the suitability of a students' dress. Students whose dress is inappropriate will have to call home for a parent/guardian to bring other clothing to school. Our most important goal is to provide a safe, secure, and supportive learning environment. As always, your cooperation and support is needed to contribute to the establishment of a positive learning atmosphere for everyone.

Early Dismissal

Parents and guardians are urged to schedule doctor, dentist, or other appointments outside of school hours or on school holidays. If a child needs to be dismissed early, he/she should bring a note to the teacher stating the departure time and reason. Parents or guardians must sign the child out in the school office. The office will not call down your child from the classroom until you arrive.  Chicago Board of Education policy mandates that students who receive an early dismissal are subject to loss of attendance.

Electronic Items

No CD players, iPods or other electronic devices are allowed in school. These will be confiscated and kept until a parent/guardian picks them up. The school is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.


We aim for a 48-hour business day response time for emails sent to school personnel. Our main priority is quality instruction for students and we do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

Parents are strongly encourage to join our email list, the LaSalle II Parents Google Group. Click here to join our list for newsletters and announcements.

Emergency Information

It is very important that you return the Emergency Information Form, a copy of which may be found in the Forms Library. No child may go on a field trip or participate in an off campus activity unless an emergency form is on file. Notify the office if your address or telephone numbers change during the year. All telephone numbers and addresses must be current.


LaSalle II is a magnet school and does not have attendance boundaries. Enrollment is by application only and will be in keeping with the guidelines established by the Office of Access and Enrollment.

Entry/Dismissal Procedures

  • Kiss N’ Go will open at 7:35am on Wolcott. All students will wait on the back playground. No parents are allowed on the playground.
  • All students NOT using Kiss N’ Go will proceed directly to the back playground. No students will be allowed to cut through the school off of Honore.
  • PK Teachers will pick up their students at Door 1
  • K-2 Teachers will pick up their students on the playground and will use Door 4 to enter the building. Each classroom will have a designated spot to line up.
  • A teacher representative from each grade level for grades 3-5 will pick-up their students on the playground and will use Door 6. Each grade level will have a designated area to line up.
  • Students in Grades 6-8 will enter from the playground through Door 5 and proceed directly to the second floor.
  • All students who are walking or being picked up will be dismissed to the back playground. Commercial Park will exit to Honore St. through the middle school. Kiss N' Go will line up in the designated spots in the front lobby.

Student safety is a priority. Supervision on the playground begins at 7:35 am. School begins at 7:45 am and a student will be considered Tardy if they arrive after 7:50 am. Dismissal is at 2:45 pm. Students should leave the campus immediately after dismissal. Children are to cross only at the corner and follow the directions of the patrol person.

For your child’s safety, the PTO, working in tandem with the Security team, runs a Kiss-N-Go service for the K-3rd graders who are picked up by car.

Falcon Flier Newsletter

LaSalle II’s electronic newsletter—The Falcon Flier— contains school news and announcements. Please visit the "Stay Connected" page to sign up.


The fee for registration at LaSalle II is $100 per student. This must be paid in cash, money order, or online. Personal checks are NOT accepted. The fee will be capped at $250 for families with 3 or more children enrolled at the school. Additionally, should you not be able to handle it in one lump-sum, monthly payments will be available. Please contact the Main Office for more information about the monthly option.

The school fee covers the costs of workbooks, agendas, online software and technology. All students benefit from the items and services purchased with these funds. Parents unable to pay the fee should contact the principal to arrange a payment plan or a waiver.

Field Trips

Field trips are opportunities to extend the learning process beyond the classroom. All students are expected to be on their best behavior. A permission slip signed by the parent or guardian must be on file with the teacher before a child may leave the building. The school dress code will be required on all field trips unless indicated otherwise.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to help chaperone these trips. Names of all chaperones must be submitted to the area office prior to the field trip. Family members or friends may not substitute for a designated chaperone. Younger children, siblings, or other relatives may not attend. Chaperones are discouraged from signing out their child early after a field trip as this adversely affects school attendance.

Note: Since trips are prepaid and pro-rated, we are unable to issue refunds for students who do not attend.


All parents will receive access to CPS' online portal. Parents can then view grades and attendance online as well as to set up email alerts when grades pass a certain threshold.

A 90 -100 %

B 80 - 89 %

C 70 - 79 %

D 60 - 69 %

F 59 % and below

Gym Attire

The gym uniform consists of clean gym shoes, a plain, loose-fitting white T-shirt and loose sweatpants or shorts. LaSalle II shirts and sweatpants may also be worn. Part of the gym grade will include proper gym attire. The gym uniform is considered as part of the official Dress Code only on days when your child is scheduled for gym.

Homework Policy

Homework is an essential part of each student's educational program. Each child is assigned homework every night. This may include long-term assignments, projects, and research. The amount of homework time increases as students move to the upper grades. Students are responsible for recording assignments in his/her agenda book and for turning in all assignments completed and on time. Please assist the school in helping your child understand the value of completing assignments.


State law requires that parents present proof of immunization and health exams upon enrollment. Students must be in compliance or they will be excluded until proof of required medical services is submitted.


In order to be considerate of everyone and not to be exclusionary, students and/or parents may not pass out invitations for outside activities anytime during the school day.


The parent/teacher organizations (PTO) operates a drop-off service every school day. It runs immediately before school beginning at 7:35am. Morning drop-off is open for all ages and parent volunteers escort students from their car to the playground.

Local School Council

All parents are invited to attend meetings of our LSC. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month. For more information about our LSC, including the minutes of past meetings and a schedule of future meetings, please see the LSC Page.

Lost and Found

Lost and found items are stored in closet in the Main Lobby. Parents are encouraged to check periodically for any missing items. Unclaimed items will be donated monthly to local charities.

Lost or Damaged Books

All textbooks are loaned to students for their use during the school year. Each student is responsible for the condition of his/her textbooks. We encourage all books to be covered, kept clean, and handled carefully. Make sure that your child's name, grade, and room number are written in the books. A fee will be charged for lost or damaged books. Students must return the same numbered book they were originally issued or they will be charged a lost book fee. No report cards or school records will be issued until all books are returned or paid for.


School personnel may not administer any medication, including aspirin, without a signed authorization form. Students who need to take any medicine must present a statement of permission, signed by the doctor and parent or guardian, before bringing the medication to school. The medication and form must be left in the office. The school nurse or principal's designee will administer the medication to the child at the required time.

In an effort to best serve your child, it is important that the teacher and principal know about critical medical conditions. If your child is allergic to bee stings, has a chronic condition (asthma, diabetes, etc.), or other physical ailments that the school should be made aware of, please inform the school. Most of the common medical authorization forms can be found in the Files.

Office Phone Calls

The main office is a very busy place and we have limited staffing available to answer phones. We are unable to call students down from class to accept phone calls or interrupt instruction to relay messages to students. Students will not be allowed to miss instructional time to make non-emergency phone calls home for missing homework, supplies, pick-up arrangements, field-trip money/slip etc.

Parent Conferences

Communication is an essential part of the educational program. Parents may schedule a meeting with a teacher by sending a note to the teacher or by calling the office to arrange for an appointment. These appointments must be scheduled during non-instruction time. If you are requesting a meeting with the principal, please contact the Main Office.

Parent Responsibilities

Parents play a critical role in their child's education. All parents are asked to:

  • Ensure that your child adheres to the school dress code.
  • Monitor student's work daily
  • Monitor grades thru Parent Portal
  • Check and adhere to deadlines for long-term assignments/projects
  • Sign and return all tests, progress reports, and behavior notices
  • Send notes for absences
  • Adhere to deadlines for field trips and sports activities
  • Pay school fees and purchase supplies in a timely manner
  • Attend parent meetings/conferences
  • Assist classroom teacher working with your child
  • Participate in PTO activities

Parent Room

There is a classroom the third floor of the Branch that has been converted into a Parent Room. It's a comfortable space for parents to meet in, relax, brainstorm and utilize for parent initiatives. The parent room is available to all parents/guardians; the key is located in the Branch office.

Parent Teacher Organization

LaSalle II has a very active PTO and welcomes your involvement. All parents are urged to join the PTO and attend the monthly meetings. Meetings are held monthly. For more information, including a list of specific areas to volunteer, see the PTO Page.


The school does not serve foods with peanuts. Parents can still send peanuts or peanut putter in lunches or for personal snacks. We have a peanut free table in the lunchroom for those who have allergies. Also if a child has a peanut allergy, their teacher may ask you to eliminate nuts in the classroom snacks just to be safe.

Personal Belongings

The school is not responsible for student's personal belongings. This includes, but is not limited to, cell phones, electronic devices, jewelry, and money. Students are encouraged not to bring these items to school.


For the safety of our children, students are not to play ball in the morning before 7:45 am and between 2:45 and 3:00pm. Children five years of age or under must be supervised by an adult. Footballs, baseballs, Frisbees, etc. will be confiscated if they are in use when children are present on the playground. All students must exit the playground area at dismissal unless accompanied by an adult.

Promotion Requirements

Grades three, six, and eight students are required to meet the Chicago Board of Education criteria for promotion. Failure to meet the promotion criteria will require successful completion of the Summer Bridge Program. Parents can access the promotion policy here.


Students attend recess daily. Please make sure students are dressed appropriately during winter months, as they will still have outdoor recess, even in cold weather or snow. During dangerous cold or rain, students will have indoor recess.


A parent/guardian must enroll a student. The parent/guardian must present an original birth certificate, proof of guardianship, if applicable, proof of address, a completed medical, dental, and vision form, and a transfer if the student was enrolled at another school.

Report Cards

Progress reports, reports cards and other student information can be released only to a parent or legal guardian. Progress Reports are issued every five weeks. Students are responsible for obtaining a parent signature and returning progress reports to school. Report cards are issued four times during the school year- every ten weeks. The Chicago Board of Education requires that a parent or guardian pick up the report card for the first and third marking period. Please refer to the calendar for exacts dates of distribution.

Room Requests

Room assignments are carefully determined each year. Due to the many legal and school requirements for placing students, we cannot honor individual room requests for specific teachers or for your child to be with or without specific students.

School Supplies

Each child is expected to be prepared everyday with his/her own supplies. Supplies may vary at each grade level. A list of needed supplies will be sent by grade level teachers in June for the following school year. The supply lists will also be posted on the school website.

School Transportation Information

Per CPS policy, CTA bus fare or mileage reimbursement is provided to students who reside within a range of 1.5 to 6 miles from the magnet school to which they are accepted. In order to participate, there is paperwork that must be completed. Please contact the Main Office for more information.

Student Discipline

The entire school staff wants your child to feel safe, secure, and happy in school. Such an environment will create a maximum opportunity for all to learn. In an effort to accomplish this goal, the following school wide rules apply:

  • Students must refrain from rough play, verbal abuse, and physical contact of any kind on school grounds, in hallways, washrooms, classrooms and/or walking to and from school.
  • Students must respect the authority of adults.
  • Profanity, hand gestures, and other disrespectful actions will not be tolerated.
  • Students must respect school property, the property of others and the property of our community.
  • Students will have to pay for damaged or lost school property.
  • Students may not chew gum or candy without teacher supervision.
  • Students are expected to adhere to the school dress code. Any dress that is deemed disruptive to the educational process will not be permitted. Students are responsible for behaving in a manner that permits uninterrupted learning to take place.
  • Students must follow all school rules and procedures.
  • Consequences for violation of school rules will be administered according to the Chicago Board of Education School Code of Conduct.
  • Every student will receive a copy of the Student Code of Conduct handbook in September.

Student Records

Parents are welcome to review their child's records. Parents should notify the school counselor of their request in writing. Please allow a minimum of ten schools days for the request to be processed.

Student Responsibilities

LaSalle II students are expected to:

  • Take home and return all notes and communications from the school. These include: Tests, Progress Reports, Emergency forms, Lunch applications, and Field trip permission forms.
  • Complete homework/projects on time
  • Keep track of all assignments/projects and due dates using the agenda book
  • Have all necessary materials for class
  • Follow all classroom/school rules


Students arriving after 7:50 am must report to the security desk and obtain a tardy pass. The student will then present this pass to the classroom teacher. Note: Depending on the time of the tardy, students may receive a half day unexcused absence.


Parents are ultimately responsible for their child's attendance in school. Students who are absent without valid cause and/or do not bring a note are considered truant. Truancy violates state and local attendance laws and is considered a serious offense. Continued truancy may result in legal action.


Parents and other visitors to our school are required to sign in at the main entrance and receive a visitor's pass. All visitors must report to the Main Office unless they have a previously scheduled appointment that is on the Security Calendar. This procedure is strictly enforced in order to maintain a safe environment within the school building.


All volunteers must complete the CPS Volunteer Policy process. Click here to learn more.

Withdrawal of Students

Students withdrawing from LaSalle II School should notify the office in writing at least two days in advance of the withdrawal date. All textbooks and library books must be returned. All outstanding fines must be settled before a transfer will be issued.