November SEL Theme of the Month: EMPATHY

This month we are learning about EMPATHY! Empathy, defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another, is a skill that we use on a daily basis. Additionally, in a time when peoples’ faces are often covered with masks, it can be even harder to identify the feelings of those around us. So, let’s take time this month to be thankful for the time we do have together, even remotely, and work on our skill of empathy!

Please visit Ms. Sapieka’s bitmoji classroom all about empathy this month to view videos, book read alouds, and additional resources about teaching and learning about empathy. Thanks for contributing to the social emotional wellness of our students and entire school community!

October SEL Theme of the Month: TEAMWORK

This month we are focusing on TEAMWORK! As LaSalle II Falcons, we are great at working together and always try to help make each other better. Additionally, it’s always important to continue working on this skill. In life there are endless situations where teamwork is necessary and helpful. It is a critical skill to success in school, as well as a valuable social emotional ability for people of all ages.

Please visit Ms. Sapieka’s bitmoji classroom (with a special guest appearance from Dr. Albani!) which is all about teamwork this month to view videos, book read alouds, and additional resources about teaching and learning about teamwork. Thanks for contributing to the social emotional wellness of our students and entire school community! 

March SEL Theme: Perseverance and Grit!

As the winter draws to a close, we look to focus on perseverance and grit this March, since we can all probably use a little bit of those to get us to spring break! Perseverance, defined as persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success, and grit, courage and resolve/strength of character, are highly valuable attributes in life and in education. We want our students to know that facing challenges makes them grow, failure helps them learn a different way to approach a task, and when obstacles are hard, it makes them all the more worth doing. Students will watch videos related to perseverance and grit this month, and at home you can discuss times when you have overcome obstacles and shown that failure is not the end, but merely another stepping stone to success.

SEL Theme of the Month: PROBLEM SOLVING

This month we are focusing on problem solving! There are lots of strategies to solve interpersonal conflicts. Some of them are to talk it out, ask the person to stop, ignore the behavior, walk away, and, if none of those work, find an adult. We want to empower our students to achieve conflict resolution skills on their own, and support them when those conflicts rise above the level that kids can handle. Another strategy we use that can be applied to problem solving is ‘How Big Is My Problem?’ From a big problem (like a safety emergency) to a tiny problem (I need a new pencil) students can identify what type of problem they have and decide what actions to take.

January SEL Theme of the Month: Kindness


This month our social emotional learning (SEL) theme is KINDNESS! All LaSalle II Falcons will be encouraged to participate in The Great Kindness Challenge (GKC), a proactive and positive bullying prevention initiative that improves school climate and increases student engagement. During the last week of January, students will be devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible at school. Using a provided checklist, students accept the challenge, and those who complete the challenge will receive some GKC swag and be entered into a raffle! All homerooms who have 100% completion will also get recognition with a window decal. Let’s show the world that KINDNESS MATTERS!

November SEL Theme of the Month: Gratitude and Thanks!

We are grateful to be back in school! We are grateful for our amazing LaSalle II community! We are grateful for an excellent education for our students to ensure their future successes! This, and other gratitudes, are what we will focus on for our SEL theme of the month. Often times we get bogged down in the little problems of everyday life and forget to appreciate everything that we DO have. Practice gratitude everyday by saying one thing for which you are grateful when you wake up and/or go to sleep. Let’s all model gratitude for our students, children, and ourselves. Happy November and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

October SEL Theme of the Month: Communication

This October we are focusing on unlocking the keys to strong communication! Our six keys are be positive, speak clearly, explain how you feel, listen as much as you speak, be polite, and use kind words. Students will be practicing communication scenarios in class. Everyone can try out these important keys to strong communication at home in practice and in real life situations! Ask your child to demonstrate one key of strong communication this month

Introducing the Falcons’ Nest!

This year we are thrilled to announce the arrival of a new student sensory and calm down room! Our School Counselor, Ms. Nora Sapieka, will meet with students who need a break from class, who have earned reward time, who participate in the ever popular Lunch Bunches, and much more. Stop by and say hi in Room 112 if you’re in the building, but for now, enjoy this short video.