March SEL Theme of the Month: PREPARATION!

Whether preparing for school in the morning, preparing for emergencies, planning out school projects, or practicing for an upcoming game, preparation is important for us all to do daily, kids and adults alike! This month we focus on the importance of preparation in all avenues of life so that we can all reach our highest successes and achievements. Visit this month’s Bitmoji classroom for books, videos, and resources all about preparation!


February SEL Theme of the Month: BLACK HISTORY MONTH!

Each February, we celebrate the history of black people in our country by learning about their stories, sharing our own experiences, and examining how we can strive to improve our own diversity and inclusion practices at home, in school, and in our global community. Please use this month as an opportunity (hey, January theme!) to have the sometimes difficult conversations that hopefully lead to heightened understanding, awareness, and appreciation for humanity with your students at school and your children at home.

Check out this month’s Bitmoji classroom for a wide variety of resources, books, and videos to help prompt conversations about Black History Month this year!

February SEL Theme: Black History Month!

December SEL Theme of the Month: MISTAKES!

November SEL Theme of the Month: ASPIRE

Aspire: To direct one’s hopes or ambitions towards achieving something. To want to have or achieve something. To dream or to shoot for. This month we focus on teaching, empowering, and encouraging our children to aspire and dream big! Check out this month’s Bitmoji classroom for books, videos, and articles on how we can help […]

September SEL Theme: We’re Back!!


We made it!! We have completed another school year, one which was anything but normal. We want to thank our staff for their tireless efforts, students for their patience and determination, and families for their flexibility. Let’s celebrate this month with our last SEL theme which speaks to an important quality that our school community shows daily – integrity. Defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, integrity is something we see at LaSalle II regularly from children and adults alike. This year has been challenging, but we’ve seen it through with kindness and integrity. Thank you for all you do, have an amazing summer, and we’ll see you all in August!

June SEL Theme of the Month: INTEGRITY!

May SEL Theme: HOPE!

We have passed the one year mark for when our world was turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, it seems like a perfect time to take a breath and remind ourselves that life is returning to normal, or at least forming what our new normal will look like. We all need to have HOPE that we will get through this. We are stronger together. We try to be a school community that supports each other. We can do this! Please practice some self care this month, enjoy the coming beautiful weather, and have HOPE and faith in life!

Click HERE to learn more in the bitmoji classroom.


A good citizen helps make the world a better place. This means helping your family, community, and planet. This month we will learn about all the ways students can be good citizens in our school community and beyond, as well as hear about famous people in history who demonstrated good citizenship. Check out Ms. Sapieka’s Bitmoji classroom for this month during weekly Choice Board time to view videos, book read alouds, and more!

March SEL Theme: RESPECT!

Beware, the ides of March are upon us, and so with them, the new SEL theme of the month: RESPECT! Visit this month’s Bitmoji classroom for videos, book read alouds, and more resources on how you can show respect to people, places, and things all around you. Take a peek at the bulletin board by the main office as well; welcome back students!!

March SEL Theme of the Month: RESPECT!