Morning Meeting Fun in Room 120

Every day, the students in Mrs. Baird’s third grade classroom do many fun activities first thing in the morning. We focus on our social and emotional wellness by doing things like sharing our good news and bad news and discussing problems. We like to play Kahoot games on topics like kindness and honesty and we exercise a lot. The students also enjoy taking part in scavenger hunts and they even meditate! Our morning time is a great way to connect with each other, build relationships, and have some fun before we get to all the hard work and assignments.  

7th Grade Science- Astronomy

The 7th grade has begun its virtual studies with an unit on Astronomy. The 7th grade students explored the relationship between the Sun, Earth and Moon and the specific topics of constellations, reasons for seasons, moon phases,eclipses, and tides. For their explorations students built models of the sun, earth and moon. These models allowed the students to explore the dynamics of interactions between the three solar system objects.  The students also built Starfinders that they could use to locate constellations. In their studies students discovered the shape and positions of the  earth has a large impact upon the seasons we experience in the hemispheres. Students further discovered why the Dark Side of the moon is never seen from earth and why we have moon phases. All due to the rotation and revolution of the moon around the earth. 

Each student, as part of their assessments, created a google slide presentation on their research of the moon. The slide presentations clearly showed  great effort and creativity in picture selection and information gathered. Below is a star finder you would like to create one too!

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Virtual P.E. Classes

Our virtual P.E. classes are off and running (in place). During the “LIVE” sessions, certain grade levels are working on a cardio circuit involving a card game that has students performing jumping jacks with Mr. Skipper. Other classes may be performing bear crawls and crab walks in limited spaces.

The upper grade classes are working on their lower body mobility and flexibility by performing different exercises and stretches that help open up tight muscles such as the hips/hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps.

Overall, whether in the school gym, or a student’s personal space, the goal remains the same: move, learn something new, and have fun!

Seesaw in 2nd Grade

Ms. Vigran’s second graders have been using Seesaw for interactive assignments. This past week, we practiced making tens with virtual counters. We have also shared projects, recorded our voices and videos! I am so impressed by everyone’s creativity and ability to navigate all the technology. Way to go! 

Flipgrid in 1st Grade

Learning with Jamboard

Ms. Tseng’s second graders had a discussion about remote learning and then learned how to post sticky notes in Jamboard. Students were able to pick a color for their sticky note and then answered the questions, “How do you think school will be different this year? How will it be the same?” We discovered that there are lots of similarities to class in school and also some important differences. Students noted that we still get to see our friends, we still learn and school is fun! Students also shared that they missed seeing people in person and that now they eat lunch with their families. Everyone enjoyed resizing their sticky notes and moving them around our jamboard. Second grade is off to a great start!

L2 Fun Friday- Making the World Brighter

L2 Fun Friday- Bookworms!

L2 Fun Friday- Travel Throwback