Learning About Shapes in PreK

In September the Pre-K students in room 101 read “Crazy Pizza Day”. One of the activities the students did was to make their own “shape pizza”. Students worked hard to cut out the shapes for their “toppings”. When they were finished, students identified the different shapes and counted how many of each shape they had on their pizza.

Writing in 4th Grade

Fourth grade students are working on the writing process. After writing first drafts, editing and then revising they were super excited to complete the final presentation of their stories. Students imaginations really took off in these spooky haunted house stories.

Spread Kindness Like Confetti

After being inspired by Kid President and daily Social Emotional Lessons, Mrs. McIlvain’s class decided that the best way to make the future awesome is by being kind today. The “Kindness Ninjas” of Room 223 made encouraging notes and stuck them on random lockers in the Branch. We found that this act of kindness brightened our day, too! Be on the lookout, the Kindness can strike anytime.

Learning about Soccer in PE

Creating Rainbows in Room 123

Third grade students in room 123 learned how rainbows are made. Students learned that rainbows are made when sunlight strikes water droplets in front of a person at a 42 degree angle. A rainbow is formed when white sunlight passes through water droplets in the sky acting like prisms. When we see sunlight shining on a bunch of water droplets, we see a rainbow. Isaac Newton proved that white sunlight is actually a combination of all the colors of a rainbow. You can find rainbows under waterfalls or even in the spray from a sprinkler! As an extension, students practiced creating their own rainbows at home using tools such as CD’s, flashlights, prisms, dish soap and water to find and create a rainbow!

Ramadan in our Arabic Classroom

Ramadan is a very special month in the Arab World and it is celebrated by the majority of Arabs and Muslims around the world. Ramadan is a holy month that features 30 days of fasting from dawn to dusk.

In our Arabic classroom, students are learning about Ramadan as an important part of the Arabic culture. This year students are learning about Ramdan via Edpuzzle. Students are also introduced to significant events that happened during Ramadan and how it is celebrated by Arabs. Some of the important events that happen during Ramadan are family gatherings for Iftaar time, the joyful media throughout the wholke month, Showing generous donations, decorations in the streets everywhere. Lanterns with different shapes are the main symbol for Ramadan that must be seen in every street. In our classroom, our in-person students will be making paper cuts lanterns and Remote learners will be decorating and coloring different lanterns via Jamboard to celebrate Ramadan as a part of the Arabic language culture.  

Learning about Plants

Kindergarten friends in Room 108 have a chance to move our bodies while acting out the life cycle of a plant during our plant investigation unit. We are the roots! Later in the unit, we will have a chance to plant seeds in our school garden and watch nature in action.

Preschool Trash Bash Competition 

The preschool students in Room 101 have just finished their Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Unit. On Wednesday, April 14th students learning in-person and learning at home were able to participate in a competition to see who could create the most unique thing using only recyclables and garbage. Those who did not participate were able to practice their listening skills and came up with questions or compliments for their classmates’ artwork.

5th Grade Chemical Magic

5th grade has been busy studying Chemistry in our Chemical Magic unit. We had the opportunity to discover:

  • If we could change worthless metal into gold?
  • What do fireworks, rubber, and Silly Putty have in common?
  • Why do some things explode?

If you are curious about any of those questions ASK A 5th GRADER!!

In one of our labs we discovered that mixing vinegar and salt together can make a penny shiny by removing the dull top layer. We have lots of shiny pennies!  We also discovered that by combining different solutions together can cause chemical reactions or new substances to form.  We made observations and recorded our data to see which caused a chemical reaction and then made a “mystery goo”. We even made an explosion in our own homes. Take a look at some of our pictures from our labs!

Learning to Juggle in PE

Students have been enjoy the art of juggling with our AMAZING student teacher, Ms. Palma. They have learned to “juggle” with two plastic bags or Kleenexes. Students were shown various moves and then created their own routines to share with the class. Ask your child to share their routine with you!