Pi Day 2021 Celebration in Middle School

Every year on March 14th we celebrate Pi Day in Middle School at LaSalle II.  This year it happened to fall around the time we were starting the hybrid schedule so it was a great time to celebrate the famous number and have some math fun!  We started off by learning some facts about Pi, reading one of my favorite books, Circumference and the Dragon of Pi and playing our middle schoolers favorite game, Trust No One, to see what they learned.  The second day of our celebration our students made some Pi Day Stained Art that turned out amazing! 

Reading Journals in 4th Grade

In fourth grade, students are enjoying Read-Alouds of the novel City of Ember. During this time students tap into their thinking and make connections with their lives, the world and other texts. In class questioning, prompting and sentence stems have students filling up their Reading Response journals! Responding to reading increases comprehension and is a very important skill we work on in fourth grade.

Ensemble Español Partnership

The Ensemble Español Spanish Dance Theater celebrates Spain in America through performance, arts education, and community programs that bring the dance, music, and song of Spain to U. S. audiences. For over 45 years, the organization has shared the rich history and contemporary importance of culturally specific art, and maintains this commitment for artists, students, and art lovers the world over.

Due to our enthusiastic past partnerships, Ensemble Español selected LaSalle II for a free artist-in-residency to 3rd and 6th graders! They have been working with our artist-in-residence Amanda Saucedo, an Ensemble Español company dancer who serves as the Resident Teaching Artist and CPS All-City Performing Arts Program Spanish dance instructor. Students began the classes at the beginning of third quarter during remote learning and are continuing during hybrid. Each homeroom dances in a different room while their friends dance at home. Class begins with a warm-up followed by dance lessons and then ends with a yoga cool down. Pictured here are our third graders learning a jota from Galicia, Spain.

March SEL Theme: RESPECT!

Beware, the ides of March are upon us, and so with them, the new SEL theme of the month: RESPECT! Visit this month’s Bitmoji classroom for videos, book read alouds, and more resources on how you can show respect to people, places, and things all around you. Take a peek at the bulletin board by the main office as well; welcome back students!!

March SEL Theme of the Month: RESPECT!

Back to in-person learning!

We are so excited to have started hybrid learning with out K-5 students! It is truly hard to believe that after almost an entire year, we have K-5 students back in the building. We have missed their energy! 

A huge thank you to our entire staff for working hard to make this happen. We know this is a huge lift but we are so thankful for such a committed group. 

Learning about Black History Month

Staying Connected in the Target Language

Last quarter in Spanish class 3rd grade students learned and practiced food vocabulary and discussed their personal food preferences. To showcase their speaking skills, students recorded and uploaded a Flipgrid video sharing which fruits and vegetables they love, like and absolutely don’t like! Although students currently are not able to applaud and engage with their peers in person, we can still stay connected! To celebrate their classmates speaking activities and to make connections, students watched their classmate’s videos and then recorded and/or wrote responses in Spanish to offer feedback. I am so proud of all our students’ hard work, creativity and continued resilience.

Back into the swing of things in Room 104!

By Ms. Brooks

We have been having SO much fun being back in school with all of our friends! We just finished up our unit on Buildings and are getting ready for our next unit on Balls. Preschool has looked very different but we are loving every second of it. We are making new friends, learning so much and having a ton of fun. Our daily schedule includes name writing, calendar, small & large group and center time. We also want to wish Mrs. Berrones a happy and healthy baby as she is due this week! We love getting a chance to see our friends in person and hope to see more in the coming months!

January SEL Theme of the Month: PERSEVERANCE

This month we are learning about PERSEVERANCE! As we begin a new year, especially on the heels of a quite unusual year in 2020, it’s a great time to reevaluate our goals and remind ourselves that we should be acting as stakeholders in how our own futures unfold. Our school community is strong and made up of individuals who do not give up in the face of struggle. Grow even stronger this month by watching videos and reading books about perseverance and have a very safe and happy January!

Please visit Ms. Sapieka’s bitmoji classroom all about perseverance this month to view videos, book read alouds, and additional resources about teaching and learning about perseverance. Thanks for contributing to the social emotional wellness of our students and entire school community!

6th Grade Symphonic Science

The 6th grade science students are diving deep through the basics of science including the metric system and learning about mass, volume, and density. The students chose to mix up our learning routine with a musical twist. The 6th grade science students were placed in groups and created raps with the vocabulary words. Their academic talents reached far beyond into their creative talents and the students’ performances were A+. Their hard work and dedication to both math and science this year is unmatched!

The rap below was created by Nola S, Ruby V, Inanna R, Bailee Y, and Mya A!