Homework Help

New this year, we have a Homework Help room available to middle school students every day. Students come to work on homework, group projects, computer assignments, study for a test, take a make-up test, and/or to work on upcoming assignments. Ms. Novak is available for students to ask for help on the subject they are working on during that period. Students are allowed to eat while they work, use supplies in the room and to print if needed.

On average, 41 students are using the Homework Help room every day! This option is open to all 6th-8th grade students during their lunch/recess period on a daily basis, so please encourage your student to take advantage of this extra resource!

November “SOAR” Students

Congratulations to our November “SOAR” students. These are students who have exemplified the values of Safety, Ownership, Achievement and Respect. We are so proud of them!


Pumpkins in KDG

This fall the kindergarten classrooms learned about the five senses. Students explored their environment using their senses and learned how to describe things using different adjectives. One exploration the students participated in was a listening walk. Students walked and sat around in the outdoor classroom while they focused on using their sense of hearing. They recorded their observations of what sounds they heard. They also participated in a smelling exploration where they smelled the contents of different bags and guessed what was inside. Lastly, the kindergarteners used their senses to explore pumpkins and then described them.

Storyboards in 8th Grade

In our eighth literacy class, the students are currently reading To Kill A Mockingbird. The core of this narrative focuses on essential themes such as courage, race, discrimination, fairness, and justice. Through the readings and discussions, students are examining the heart of our democratic society. One in which strives to provide “equal rights for all” and “special privileges” for none. The narrative takes place in a small southern town in the early 1930s. Therefore, in social studies, students are also exploring the era of the Great Depression.


In eighth grade, students are using storyboards as a way to blend their creativity and analytical thinking skills to discuss this timeless masterpiece.  Storyboards are a powerful way for students to visually present and discuss information. In small groups, students created storyboards to help them keep track of the important events and characters in the novel..  By sharing and discussing their storyboards with their peers, students not only had an opportunity to verbalize thoughts but further synthesize their understanding of To Kill A Mockingbird.



October “SOAR” Students

Congratulations to our October “SOAR” students. These are students who have exemplified the values of Safety, Ownership, Achievement and Respect. We are so proud of them!


Learning About Diwali

The 5th graders in Room 223 learned all about the celebration of Diwali from their classmate, Varun S. Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights. After his presentation, students decorated lanterns to bring home.

Pumpkins in PreK

After attending Goebbert’s Pumpkin Farm, the preschool students from Room 104 carved a pumpkin. Students used descriptive words as they explored the inside of the pumpkin.

Spanish Butterfly Migration

Students in 1st grade in both Mrs. Bucciarelli’s and Mr. Espejo’s class have been learning about the cycle of a butterfly through the story “La oruga muy hambrienta” by Eric Carle.


In addition, students have taken part in a project with Journey North in which they created butterflies and sent them to Mexico simulating the monarch butterfly migration route to warmer weather. Students wrote messages to students in Spanish and created a map showing where we are and the miles monarch butterflies fly to get to the butterfly sanctuary in Yucatán this organization works with.


Next spring 2017, students will receive some butterflies from Mexico together with some cards and pictures as the ones they sent.

Second Step in KDG

Kindergarten students have been having a great time learning all about our Second Step Social/Emotional Growth Curriculum. Ms. Sapieka, our school counselor has joined both kindergarten classrooms to help problem solve and explore our feelings! Kindergarten students have learned how to categorize problems such as small problems, large problems and critical problems. tudents have been exploring emotions through interactive social cue cards and GoNoodle getting our bodies moving!

You can learn more about second step and now it works in other grades on Ms Sapieka’s page here:

Learn About Second Step


What’s In Your Bag?

The third grade students did a great job during the month of September building community and getting to know each other.

One of the activities was a “getting to know you” project. Each of the students put five objects in a bag that represented them. Each child had a turn to describe their objects so that all of the students could all learn about their classmate’s interests, likes and dislikes. From family pictures, to food items, to achievement medals and pieces of sports equipment, all kinds of things were brought in that reflected each of the unique students. It was a fun way of learning about each other and sharing our lives with one another.

What would you put in Your Bag?