Lead Testing Update for LaSalle II

The health and safety of your children is always our top priority, which is why CPS has been testing the water levels in our schools for lead.

Earlier this summer, I let you know that one or more water samples from our school had a lead level above EPA’s action level of 15ppb.  I’m pleased to let you know that our initial test results have been addressed and remediated – and the retest results show all fixtures are below the action level, meaning that they are safe for use by students and staff.

The full results of our school’s water samples, including information on the successful remediation plan, can be found online at cps.edu/leadtesting.

Supply Lists for SY16-17

Supply lists for SY16-17 have been posted! They can be found under “files”, in the Families section of the website.


You can reach that section by clicking the link below:

School Supplies

Art at LaSalle II

Kindergarten did a Spring floral project where they learned about mosaic design and what concentric circles are.

Various grade levels participated decorating the art room door with blue and purple falcon feathers. Each one an original design.

Room 124 completed their  Spring Thaw project and the results was a beautiful collage of detailed leaf paintings.


Learning about Bugs in 2nd Grade!

Students in second grade are studying insects. We have learned about the parts of insects and the life cycle of insects. Students get to observe live insects including mealworms which will turn into Darkling Beetles, butterflies, lady bugs, silk worms which will turn into moths, praying mantis and pill bugs ( which are not insects).
Students will have their own mealworms at their desks to observe the lifecycle each day. Students will name their mealworms and create adoption certificates.

Middle School Math

The 6th graders have just finished a unit on transformations. They studied translations (slides), reflections (flip) and rotations (turns). They just turned in a project showing their understanding of reflections. They had to design an image that could be reflected over the x or y axis. Here are some of the images that show the original and the translated design.


The 7th graders have just finished a math module on probability. They played several games trying to build their understanding of experimental probability. One of the games they played was Rock, Paper Scissors to determine if it is a fair game to use to make decisions. They played with a partner 50 times, recording the results, and then collected the results of the other teams in the class. They discovered that it really was not a fair game to use if they wanted to win.



Curious City in 6th Grade

The sixth grade students in Ms. Cody’s class are currently working on research projects in the style of WBEZ’s Curious City. This long-term group project is focused around a question relating to the city of Chicago, with a culminating podcast detailing their researched answers. Students recently had the opportunity to work with Derek John, a freelance journalist, editor and producer, on their Curious City projects. Mr. John walked students through his latest Curious City piece for WBEZ, and offered advice as they begin the writing and recording process in the coming weeks.

Reading Comprehension Skills

Making inferences and drawing conclusions