Spanish Butterfly Migration

Students in 1st grade in both Mrs. Bucciarelli’s and Mr. Espejo’s class have been learning about the cycle of a butterfly through the story “La oruga muy hambrienta” by Eric Carle.


In addition, students have taken part in a project with Journey North in which they created butterflies and sent them to Mexico simulating the monarch butterfly migration route to warmer weather. Students wrote messages to students in Spanish and created a map showing where we are and the miles monarch butterflies fly to get to the butterfly sanctuary in Yucatán this organization works with.


Next spring 2017, students will receive some butterflies from Mexico together with some cards and pictures as the ones they sent.

Second Step in KDG

Kindergarten students have been having a great time learning all about our Second Step Social/Emotional Growth Curriculum. Ms. Sapieka, our school counselor has joined both kindergarten classrooms to help problem solve and explore our feelings! Kindergarten students have learned how to categorize problems such as small problems, large problems and critical problems. tudents have been exploring emotions through interactive social cue cards and GoNoodle getting our bodies moving!

You can learn more about second step and now it works in other grades on Ms Sapieka’s page here:


What’s In Your Bag?

The third grade students did a great job during the month of September building community and getting to know each other.

One of the activities was a “getting to know you” project. Each of the students put five objects in a bag that represented them. Each child had a turn to describe their objects so that all of the students could all learn about their classmate’s interests, likes and dislikes. From family pictures, to food items, to achievement medals and pieces of sports equipment, all kinds of things were brought in that reflected each of the unique students. It was a fun way of learning about each other and sharing our lives with one another.

What would you put in Your Bag?

Dress Code Guidelines for SY16-17

Dress Code Guidelines:



Students may wear any loose fitting shirt or t-shirt in any color or pattern. Short or long sleeves are allowed, but shoulders must be fully covered. Logos can be no bigger than 1 square inch. No hoodies, words, symbols, pictures or other graphics allowed. Solids can be worn as well as patterns such as stripes, plaid, polka-dot, animal prints, tie-dye, tribal prints and other symmetrically repeating patterns. For gym days, students must wear an athletic t-shirt that adheres to the aforementioned requirements.



Students may wear solid or patterned dress pants, denim, athletic/sweatpants, pointe pants, shorts, skirts or other loose fitting athletic pants allowed. Tight fitting leggings/yoga pants can only be worn with skirts, tunic tops, or shorts. All bottoms must be properly fitted at the waist, have no rips, tears, markings or embroidery. No cut-offs of any kind will be allowed. For gym days, students must wear athletic bottoms that adhere to the aforementioned requirements. All bottoms must be at least finger-tip length.



Students may wear dresses that are solid color or have patterns as long as they have no graphics or words, are fingertip length, cover the shoulder and are not low cut.



Students may only wear closed-toed shoes. Flip-flips, open-toed shoes, high heels, and slippers are not allowed. Gym shoes can be worn at any time and are required to be worn on gym days.



During the school day, students may not wear hats, bandanas, fashion scarves, excessive jewelry, body tattoos, body piercing, cologne/perfume/body spray, or excessive make-up.


*Administration has the final authority to determine the suitability of a students’ dress code.



Madison M. was Principal-for-a-Day! She helped out a ton around the school and even gave her classmates an extra recess period!

Congrats Class of 2016!

Congratulations to the Class of 2016! Graduation day was on Friday, June 17th at Clemente High School. It was a wonderful celebration of our amazing students. A huge thank you to the 8th grade teachers- Ms. Moore, Ms. Feeney and Ms. Pelissier for their hard work in planning all of the 8th grade events.



Lead Testing Update for LaSalle II

The health and safety of your children is always our top priority, which is why CPS has been testing the water levels in our schools for lead.

Earlier this summer, I let you know that one or more water samples from our school had a lead level above EPA’s action level of 15ppb.  I’m pleased to let you know that our initial test results have been addressed and remediated – and the retest results show all fixtures are below the action level, meaning that they are safe for use by students and staff.

The full results of our school’s water samples, including information on the successful remediation plan, can be found online at

Supply Lists for SY16-17

Supply lists for SY16-17 have been posted! They can be found under “files”, in the Families section of the website.


You can reach that section by clicking the link below:

Art at LaSalle II

Kindergarten did a Spring floral project where they learned about mosaic design and what concentric circles are.

Various grade levels participated decorating the art room door with blue and purple falcon feathers. Each one an original design.

Room 124 completed their  Spring Thaw project and the results was a beautiful collage of detailed leaf paintings.


Learning about Bugs in 2nd Grade!

Students in second grade are studying insects. We have learned about the parts of insects and the life cycle of insects. Students get to observe live insects including mealworms which will turn into Darkling Beetles, butterflies, lady bugs, silk worms which will turn into moths, praying mantis and pill bugs ( which are not insects).
Students will have their own mealworms at their desks to observe the lifecycle each day. Students will name their mealworms and create adoption certificates.