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L2 Halloween Event

Since the CDC has advised against traditional trick or treating and we also cannot host our regular Halloween school activities, LaSalle II will be hosting a socially distanced event for all school families.  Please click here to learn more! 

10th Annual Healthy Family Fest & Track-a-thon 2020!

The Healthy Family Fest and school Track-a-thon was created with a focus on healthy eating, exercise, environmental stewardship, mind/ body connections and many other aspects of wellness. While we won’t be able to have our usual Healthy Family Fest or Track-a-thon this year, all LaSalle II families are invited to participate in our Healthy Family […]

October SEL Theme of the Month: TEAMWORK

This month we are focusing on TEAMWORK! As LaSalle II Falcons, we are great at working together and always try to help make each other better. Additionally, it’s always important to continue working on this skill. In life there are endless situations where teamwork is necessary and helpful. It is a critical skill to success […]

Virtual P.E. Classes

Our virtual P.E. classes are off and running (in place). During the “LIVE” sessions, certain grade levels are working on a cardio circuit involving a card game that has students performing jumping jacks with Mr. Skipper. Other classes may be performing bear crawls and crab walks in limited spaces. The upper grade classes are working […]

Seesaw in 2nd Grade

Ms. Vigran’s second graders have been using Seesaw for interactive assignments. This past week, we practiced making tens with virtual counters. We have also shared projects, recorded our voices and videos! I am so impressed by everyone’s creativity and ability to navigate all the technology. Way to go! 

Learning with Jamboard

Ms. Tseng’s second graders had a discussion about remote learning and then learned how to post sticky notes in Jamboard. Students were able to pick a color for their sticky note and then answered the questions, “How do you think school will be different this year? How will it be the same?” We discovered that […]