Entries by Lauren Albani

French at LaSalle II

Throughout the year at LaSalle II we learned about more than just new French vocabulary or how to conjugate verbs but we also learn about the different cultures in the different countries where French is spoken. This year our students learned about the different regions of France. Regions in France are like states and each […]

Art at LaSalle II

Kindergarten did a Spring floral project where they learned about mosaic design and what concentric circles are. Various grade levels participated decorating the art room door with blue and purple falcon feathers. Each one an original design. Room 124 completed their  Spring Thaw project and the results was a beautiful collage of detailed leaf paintings.

Learning about Bugs in 2nd Grade!

Students in second grade are studying insects. We have learned about the parts of insects and the life cycle of insects. Students get to observe live insects including mealworms which will turn into Darkling Beetles, butterflies, lady bugs, silk worms which will turn into moths, praying mantis and pill bugs ( which are not insects). Students […]

Support from Big Shoulders Coffee

Big Shoulders Coffee is committed to supporting the local community with the proceeds from the sales of their Falcon Blend. To date, Big Shoulders Coffee has donated $8,675 to LaSalle II Magnet school PTO and will continue with this partnership.  Big Shoulders Coffee offers a daily selection of meticulously selected, pristinely roasted coffees — as […]

Happenings in the 8th Grade

Cultural Kitchen This spring students in room 212 and 214 participated in the Chicago hostel program called Cultural Kitchen. Our eighth graders slept overnight in the downtown Chicago Hostel, the place where thousands of people from around the world choose to stay. Students had the unique opportunity to mingle with visitors and cook traditional French […]

20 for 20 Campaign- Fight for CPS School Funding

From CPS CEO Forrest Claypool: CPS leadership, the community, and faith leaders stood up to launch a grassroots effort to raise awareness about our funding disparity – and to demand equality from our lawmakers. The numbers tell a clear story Chicago students make up 20 percent of the enrollment in Illinois public schools. Chicagoans contribute […]

Arabic FAQ!

How does the Arabic culture participate in the learning of its language? How important is the Arabic culture to the language proficiency? Why do I have to learn a different culture?   All these are very good questions that come to one’s mind. Students and parents often ask these questions to understand the importance of […]