Entries by Lauren Albani

Learning about Pumpkins

Last week was Pumpkin Week in Room 110! We started off the week reading nonfiction books and learned all about pumpkins. One of the most interesting facts we learned was that some pumpkins are blue! Mrs. Kim cut open a real pumpkin and students were able to reach in to feel the pulp and seeds. […]

Vaccine Clinic Success!

This week we held our vaccine clinic in partnership with InstaVaxx and administered 100 shots! We were so excited to be able to help in the effort to increase our vaccination rates and ensure everyone stays safe and healthy!

Learning About Fall

The friends in PreK 103 have been busy learning about Fall! This month, we made leaf collages, painted and carved pumpkins, went on a leaf hunt and more! Our Fall books have included We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt, by Steve Metzger, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed some Leaves, by Lucille Colandro, and Five Little Pumpkins, by […]

Field Trips are Back!

We were so excited to bring back field trips for students this month! Our students went to the Windy City Field House, Siegel’s Farm, and the Lincoln Park Zoo. Next up is a trip to the Liegel’s family home farm and the North Park Village Nature Center. It has been so exciting to see students […]

November SEL Theme of the Month: ASPIRE

Aspire: To direct one’s hopes or ambitions towards achieving something. To want to have or achieve something. To dream or to shoot for. This month we focus on teaching, empowering, and encouraging our children to aspire and dream big! Check out this month’s Bitmoji classroom for books, videos, and articles on how we can help […]

Learning About Shapes in PreK

In September the Pre-K students in room 101 read “Crazy Pizza Day”. One of the activities the students did was to make their own “shape pizza”. Students worked hard to cut out the shapes for their “toppings”. When they were finished, students identified the different shapes and counted how many of each shape they had […]

Writing in 4th Grade

Fourth grade students are working on the writing process. After writing first drafts, editing and then revising they were super excited to complete the final presentation of their stories. Students imaginations really took off in these spooky haunted house stories.

El árbol de Anselmo

Students in Ms. Bucciarelli’s seventh grade Spanish class read the story El árbol de Anselmo (Anselmo’s Tree) by Carolina Loureiro. This story is about Anselmo, a boy living in Quetena Chico, a small town in Potosí, Bolivia, who learns to value what is nearby even as he is interested in things far away. After reading, students brainstormed […]