Entries by Lauren Albani

Chicago Children’s Choir

Our LaSalle II Chicago Children’s Choir went on a field trip to Chicago Symphony Center. They watched an empowering performance focused on Black History Month. Our students even got to go on stage and perform! We are so proud of our 18 third and fourth graders for doing such an excellent job!

Elementary Science Olympiad

The Elementary Science Olympiad Teams have completed another successful year. The 34 student scientists from grades 3 through 5 competed against other schools from around the state on Saturday, 2/10. Competitions ranged from such topics as Anatomy, Crimebusters, Circuit Wizardry and many more. LaSalle II teams met on a regular basis after school to prepare […]

Science Experiments in 5th Grade

Fifth grade science students are learning about chemical reactions and properties of matter. In this lab, students investigated and modeled how gases cause explosions. In the activity, Bag of Bubbles, students experimented by combining baking soda and vinegar inside a sealed bag and observed how the gas bubbles produced caused the bag to inflate–and sometimes […]

Gingerbread in PreK

The pre-k students in room 101 spent a week exploring “Gingerbread” stories. They compared and contrasted the stories “The Gingerbread Man”, “The Gingerbread Girl”, and “The Gingerbread Boy”. Students participated in aligned activities such as making gingerbread play dough (which they were able to take home), retelling the stories in the dramatic play center, and […]

Black History Month

Last week the student council sponsored a performance by Urban Gateways called the The Evolution of African-American Music.This entertaining and educational concert helped participants understand and appreciate how the many styles of African American Music –from Field Hollers to Jazz to R&B- are connected. It was a great and engaging performance, with some of our staff […]

SEL Theme of the Month: PROBLEM SOLVING

This month we are focusing on problem solving! There are lots of strategies to solve interpersonal conflicts. Some of them are to talk it out, ask the person to stop, ignore the behavior, walk away, and, if none of those work, find an adult. We want to empower our students to achieve conflict resolution skills […]

Social Studies in 5th Grade

Students in 5th grade are starting colonial simulations. Colonial “families” work together to gather supplies that they will need for the New World. Hopefully, they will bring the items necessary to get them out of the upcoming hardships!

Resolutions in 1st Grade

In the beginning of January we celebrated the new year. We rang in 2020 by talking about our New Year’s Resolutions. Some of our first grade resolutions included: being kind, not yelling at our parents/siblings, eating more vegetables, helping out with dishes, keeping our bedrooms clean, and trying our best in school. Students created this […]

Self-Reflection in Room 102

This month we spent some time focusing on the importance of self-reflection. We reflected on this past year and discussed our hopes, dreams, and goals for 2020. We are off to a great start! Happy New Year!

Learning about Scooters in PE

We are so excited to start Scooter Hockey (3-8) and Scooter Games (K-2). Students in grades 3-8 will continue expanding their knowledge of Hockey through a fun and different version of the game. Students in grades k-2 will be introduced to new and fun scooter games such as Hungry Hungry Hippos, Jellyfish Tag, Spaghetti and […]