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Art at LaSalle II

Each student in grades K-8 created a 4X6 original monochromatic drawing. These drawings were color coded and then displayed together in rainbow fashion to create one large piece of art.

Congrats to Ms. Rodriguez!

Each Monday, a Motivational Employee (ME) across our district is highlighted. This is someone that uses their talents to empower, support, and advocate for their community regardless of zip codes. Ms. Rodriguez was nominated and deserves to be recognized as the 30th Motivational Employee (ME), the THIRD from the ISP Network, and the FIRST to be honored at Lasalle II this […]

January SEL Theme of the Month: OPPORTUNITY!

Opportunity is defined as a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something; put another way, an opportunity is a chance. Learning how to spot opportunities when they are in front of us, as well as knowing how to take advantage of them, is something that adults as well as children need to continue […]

Happenings in Middle School Social Studies

Our 6th grade scholars recently finished a unit on Ancient Mesopotamia and the cradle of civilization. They created many fantastic projects with a keen eye on detail as shown in the attached picture. We are currently studying ancient Egypt and its importance to history and how future civilizations borrowed many ideas and customs. Students currently […]

Grateful in Room 109

We have so much to be thankful for this year! During the month of November, the first graders in Mrs. MacLagan’s classroom spent a lot of time discussing all that they are thankful for – family, friends, health, school, food, home, and so much more. We talked about family traditions, read Thanksgiving stories, created “Trees […]

Field Trip Fun in Room 104

As a part of our building unit, we were able to discuss different kinds of homes, and had the opportunity to go on two great field trips! One was a walking field trip, where we went around our neighborhood and looked at different kinds of houses, and followed a map to find specific unique homes. […]

Celebrating Veterans Day in Third Grade

During the month of November, the third graders in Mrs. Baird and Ms. Catala’s classroom learned a lot about veterans day. We read books and newsmagazines, and watched videos to learn when and why we celebrate this special day. Several students actually got to interview veterans from their own family and share their responses. It […]