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Pi Day 2022 Celebration in Middle School

Every year on March 14th we celebrate Pi Day in Middle School at LaSalle II. This year each grade level participated in different activities including, the reading of Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi, discovering where the number pi comes from, playing a game to practice finding the circumference and area of circles and solving […]

Fashion Week in French

It was fashion week at LaSalle II, and the 5th grade French students put on quite the show. The students used a box of fabrics and old clothing to create their own brand and looks for a runway show. After coming together as a design team, the students took turns using their French from our […]

Reading in KDG

Students in kindergarten are enthusiastic about reading “Mercy Watson to the Rescue,” a chapter book about Mercy-our beloved pig and her obsession with her favorite food-buttered toast. Mercy Watson to the Rescue is the story of Mercy the pig and Mr. and Mrs. Watson. Mercy is their pet pig, who lives in their home, and […]

Mi Ciudad

4th grade Spanish students explored the different aspects of city life. After learning about the capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires, students then became the architects of their own city! Students designed their cities (real or fictional) and presented them in Spanish to their classmates and Ms. Fuller. They discussed special places in their city, […]

8th Grade Civics Students- By Myah S. and Damaris R.

Over the past few weeks, eighth grade has been learning about voting rights. Voting rights are a large part of our country’s history; however, there is minimal awareness. In civics, eighth grade analyzed how voting rights evolved in America. Throughout history, many Americans, such people of color and women, had limited or no voting rights […]

March SEL Theme of the Month: PREPARATION!

Whether preparing for school in the morning, preparing for emergencies, planning out school projects, or practicing for an upcoming game, preparation is important for us all to do daily, kids and adults alike! This month we focus on the importance of preparation in all avenues of life so that we can all reach our highest […]

Literature Circles in Middle School ELA

Students in 6th and 7th grade are participating in collaborative Literature Circles where they discuss their assigned novels with their peers. 6th grade students are focusing on the effects of modern technology on society by reading novels Ready Player One and A Wrinkle in Time. Students in 7th grade are discussing turning points in people’s lives and overcoming adversity […]

February SEL Theme of the Month: BLACK HISTORY MONTH!

Each February, we celebrate the history of black people in our country by learning about their stories, sharing our own experiences, and examining how we can strive to improve our own diversity and inclusion practices at home, in school, and in our global community. Please use this month as an opportunity (hey, January theme!) to […]