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Giving Thanks in KDG

Kindergarten Room 110 kept things light and simple for Thanksgiving this year and kept our focus on the idea of thankfulness. It is one of the most important attributes a person can possess, and it’s never too early to reflect on all the things we are fortunate to have, especially in these unusual and uncertain […]

To Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes

Over the last month we learned about empathy. The students watched videos, read passages and had very lengthy, insightful conversations. We shared personal experiences and learned from one another about what it means to walk in someone else’s shoes. The students were asked to sum up in one quote what that powerful phrase means to […]

Learning About Food in French

The sixth grade French students have been working hard during their mealtime in the French-speaking world unit! They started out the year exploring dishes and restaurants in the French-speaking country of Senegal in Western Africa. The students researched recipes and created Flip Grids describing their preferences of the dishes. We digitally traveled across the world […]

Halloween Celebration in PreK

Since the Pre-K Halloween event was cancelled this year the Pre-K teachers in rooms 101 and 104 came up with a new plan to make the day special for their students. The teachers took to the streets and visited many students outside their homes. The teachers dressed up in costumes as did many of the […]

Día de Muertos

This year, students in grades 1, 3, 5 and 6 studied about Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead. This holiday, celebrated on November 2nd in some countries where Spanish is spoken, is a primary example of syncretism, or the mixing of different cultures to form something new. In 1st grade, students learned about […]

Science Experiments in 4th Grade

Students in 4th grade have been very busy in math and science class! Our first quarter in science class is focused on our earth. Students have conducted hands-on science experiments at home with a model of thin and thick lava, learning why volcanoes have different shapes and why some volcanoes have violent eruptions and why […]

Creating Bitmoji Lockers

Students in grades 3rd to 8th created bitmoji lockers! It was a fun activity that still reviewed technology skills such as copying and pasting, dragging, resizing objects, removing backgrounds of objects,  and inserting images. In this fun activity, students were to insert images that represented themselves. The images told a story and allowed me to […]

Lots of Learning in PreK!

We have been very busy in Preschool this year. Room 104 has been working on letters, counting, shapes and fine motor skills as you can see below. We are in the middle of our Clothing Unit and have gotten all the way to Letter G. Our students and families are doing fantastic with submitting their […]