LaSalle II is a Language Magnet School

Students in grades K-8 study one world language while they attend LaSalle II. Language classes are part of each student’s weekly schedule. Our administration, staff, and parents are committed to working together to create a World Language program that provides our children with a variety of learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom.

8th Gr Arabic Students Percussion Performance

World Languages Taught at LaSalle II

Teaching Approach

LaSalle II World Language teachers envision graduating eighth grade students who will 

  • demonstrate the performance descriptors for Intermediate-Low or Novice-High ranges, as described by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
  • be aware of the diversity of languages and cultures around the world
  • appreciate multilingualism by having the desire to continue (any!) language study

We will establish a foundation upon which students can deepen their understanding of world cultures and language learning as they continue their academic careers and participate in society as global citizens.

Our language teachers plan instruction and assessments around the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)’s Performance Descriptors , Proficiency Guidelines, and the World Readiness Standards.  

In 2017, our department decided to make the transition to Standards Based Grading (SBG).  We felt that traditional grades alone did not provide our students and families with enough information about what they know and how to increase their language proficiency.

In first and second grades, instead of providing traditional grades, we use objective-based report cards that are developmentally appropriate in terms of age and language learning.  Parents receive a report with the objectives from the quarter and an indication of how consistently their child can do the objective on their own.

Beginning in third grade, students receive traditional grades, but they are based on the three modes of communication – Interpretive, Interpersonal, and Presentational.  Students with A’s and high B’s demonstrate that they are exceeding the expected level; students with mid B’s to low C’s are exhibiting expected skills, while students with lower grades show that they are not meeting the expectations of their expected skill level.  Our aim is to give meaning to the traditional grading system while giving our students and their families an honest report of what they know from their language classes.

Click on the buttons below to learn more about SBG and what we expect our students to learn throughout their time at LaSalle II.  Keep in mind that these are living documents and are subject to change based on instructional needs and unforeseen events and calendar changes.

Language Assignment

All students are assigned a language through a lottery based on student preference. However, preferences are not guaranteed. Our mission at LaSalle II is to give students a high quality education with a global perspective. In order to communicate your language preference you must complete the Language Preference Form, which can be found in the Forms Library.

3rd Gr Performing Traditional Spanish Dance

Language Accomplishments

French: LaSalle II students had several students place nationally on the National French Exam.

Chinese: LaSalle II students participates in the Annual Midwest Chinese Speech Contest.

Spanish: LaSalle II had several students place nationally on the National Spanish Exam.

Language Trips Abroad

Language Trips Requirements

  • All students must have been enrolled at LaSalle II for at least one school year prior to the trip.
  • Academics
    • For French, Spanish and Arabic, students must have a “C” or better in ALL classes on the quarterly report card.
    • Requirements for the trip to China are set by the host organization. Students must have a “B” average or better in Chinese and “C” average for all other classes.
    • Students are expected to maintain good grades even after receiving the invitation to participate.
  • Behavior
    • No administrative discipline referrals
    • Sign off from teachers.

Language Trip Cost

  • The cost of each trip will vary. A good estimate is $2000 per student.
  • Each family can save in their own way whether that means putting aside $400 per year for 5 years or $1000 for two years.

World Language News

Fashion Week in French

It was fashion week at LaSalle II, and the 5th grade French students put on quite the show. The students used a box of fabrics and old clothing to create their own brand and looks for a runway show. After coming together as a design team, the students took turns using their French from our […]

Mi Ciudad

4th grade Spanish students explored the different aspects of city life. After learning about the capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires, students then became the architects of their own city! Students designed their cities (real or fictional) and presented them in Spanish to their classmates and Ms. Fuller. They discussed special places in their city, […]

El árbol de Anselmo

Students in Ms. Bucciarelli’s seventh grade Spanish class read the story El árbol de Anselmo (Anselmo’s Tree) by Carolina Loureiro. This story is about Anselmo, a boy living in Quetena Chico, a small town in Potosí, Bolivia, who learns to value what is nearby even as he is interested in things far away. After reading, students brainstormed […]

CPS Pathways Towards the Seal of Biliteracy

Congrats to our students that earn the pathway towards the seal of biliteracy! Please see below to learn more about the program and for a short video about this years’ winners. What is the Illinois State Seal of Biliteracy? The State Seal of Biliteracy is a recognition given to high school seniors who have studied […]

Ramadan in our Arabic Classroom

Ramadan is a very special month in the Arab World and it is celebrated by the majority of Arabs and Muslims around the world. Ramadan is a holy month that features 30 days of fasting from dawn to dusk. In our Arabic classroom, students are learning about Ramadan as an important part of the Arabic […]