Pi Day 2022 Celebration in Middle School

Every year on March 14th we celebrate Pi Day in Middle School at LaSalle II. This year each grade level participated in different activities including, the reading of Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi, discovering where the number pi comes from, playing a game to practice finding the circumference and area of circles and solving some challenging pi day riddles. The students were able to make t-shirts the week before and wear them on pi day. All of the students participated in our Annual Pi Bee to see who can memorize the most digits of pi. The 1st place winner from each class went home with a pie to share with their family!

6th Grade Winners:

Room 215: 1st place – Emily; 2nd place – Daja; 3rd place – Estela.

Room 216: 1st place – Zoe; 2nd place – Reese; 3rd place – Gus.

7th Grade Winners:

Room 210: 1st place – Lucio I.; 2nd place – Lamise B.; 3rd place: Ruby V.

Room 211: 1st place – Nora M.; 2nd place – Kaleb L.; 3rd place tie: Max T. & Bailey A.

8th Grade Winners:

Room 212: 1st place – Autumn E.; 2nd place – Hudson D.; 3rd place – Myah S.

Room 214: 1st place – Madison L.; 2nd place – Niza T.; 3rd place tie: Kayla E. & Kenzie H.