8th Grade Civics Students- By Myah S. and Damaris R.

Over the past few weeks, eighth grade has been learning about voting rights. Voting rights are a large part of our country’s history; however, there is minimal awareness. In civics, eighth grade analyzed how voting rights evolved in America. Throughout history, many Americans, such people of color and women, had limited or no voting rights until the mid 1900s. So what happened with voting rights after the 1900s? Eighth grade researched these rights from the early 2000s to 2022. We created posters to share our findings with the class. The posters varied in information, ideas, and colors. Through this project, we realized that voting rights are an ongoing issue. Most importantly, eighth grade learned the importance of voting within our communities. Remember your right to vote is a privilege you should not take for granted. In our next election, please don’t forget to vote!