Happenings in Middle School Social Studies

Our 6th grade scholars recently finished a unit on Ancient Mesopotamia and the cradle of civilization. They created many fantastic projects with a keen eye on detail as shown in the attached picture. We are currently studying ancient Egypt and its importance to history and how future civilizations borrowed many ideas and customs. Students currently are studying Egyptian geography and will dive deeper into understanding social class, achievements, religion, government and economies during this time. After the holiday break, we will learn about Ancient China, India, Greece and Rome!

7th grade scholars are closing out a unit on the original 13 Colonies in America. We have investigated the political, economic, geographic, social, and cultural development during this time period. Students have explored the first Thanksgiving that took place exactly 400 years ago! We have also learned more about how each group of colonies (Southern, Middle, and New England) came to be and what made each unique. Next week they will begin a small group project where students will choose their favorite colony and practice quality research techniques. As we enter the break, we’ll begin learning about the American Revolution and the implications it had on the world. In the new year, we will begin our unit on the American and Illinoisan Constitutions.