A Glimpse at Our Fourth Graders – “We are making Progress”

As we move from the 2nd to the 3rd year of the pandemic, many of our Chinese language students are making significant efforts to learn in spite of being immersed in a very harsh and difficult learning environment. The picture shown here is the 4th grade class. In the background of the picture, you can see the words “我们进步了”,which means “We are making progress”. Everyone in the class recognizes that this is a meaningful statement because students recognize how much they have advanced.

These students are learning to say, read and act out 44 Chinese phrases. They seem fearless as they approach this task. These students have learned to use their mind to synthesize the sounds, shapes of the characters and corresponding actions associated with these words and phrases. For them learning Chinese is no longer illusive. Their secrets of making progress is being focused in class and putting in real effort. There are three brand-new students in this picture, who transferred in just this school year. They became quickly integrated into the class and soon became active participants.

Great job 4th graders!