Last week was Pumpkin Week in Room 110! We started off the week reading nonfiction books and learned all about pumpkins. One of the most interesting facts we learned was that some pumpkins are blue! Mrs. Kim cut open a real pumpkin and students were able to reach in to feel the pulp and seeds. The majority of the students thought it felt gross and slimy! We then made a pumpkin out of paper plates and glued on real pumpkin seeds and yarn and labeled the parts of the pumpkins. We also learned a new poem called “Five Little Pumpkins” and made pumpkin puppets to recite the poem with. We followed the poem up with a STEM activity where students had to build a gate out popsicle sticks and clothespins that their 5 little pumpkins could sit on. And of course the week culminated with Halloween festivities! The students had so much fun at both the school Halloween event and our classroom party! Thank you again to all of our parent volunteers who coordinated the fun and engaging activities! We couldn’t have done it without you!