During the month of November, the third graders in Mrs. Baird and Ms. Catala’s classroom learned a lot about veterans day. We read books and newsmagazines, and watched videos to learn when and why we celebrate this special day. Several students actually got to interview veterans from their own family and share their responses. It was very cool to talk with real veterans and learn about their struggles and accomplishments. The culminating activity was writing an actual letter of gratitude to our veterans who are deployed around the world. Mrs. Baird mailed all the letters to the “Operation Gratitude”and “Support Our Troops” programs, and we are hoping to get some responses back. It was an informative and fun activity, and we all learned a lot about the army, navy, air force, marines, and coast guard. To all the veterans in our LaSalle 2 family, Room 120 wants to say thank you for your service!