Giving Thanks in KDG

Kindergarten Room 110 kept things light and simple for Thanksgiving this year and kept our focus on the idea of thankfulness. It is one of the most important attributes a person can possess, and it’s never too early to reflect on all the things we are fortunate to have, especially in these unusual and uncertain times. We use poetry a lot in Kindergarten, so for several days we did a shared reading of a poem called “I’m Thankful” and added fun motions to it. At the end of the week students recorded themselves on Seesaw reading the poem all by themselves! We also watched a video of a girl teaching about being thankful for things big and small. Then students made gratitude chains, and wrote something or someone they were thankful for on each chain link. Students were encouraged to make their chain as long as they could, and Maria was able to add 26 links to her chain, as you can see in the picture. Finally, we ended the day with a directed drawing of a turkey. Room 110 loves to make directed drawings and has some very talented artists in the class! (If you look closely at the screenshots, you may discover that one of our teachers has a hidden talent for drawing, and it’s not me!) After I led the students in a directed drawing, Myles taught the class how to draw a turkey by tracing your hand first. We really enjoyed our final day of school together before the break, and ended the day feeling extremely grateful for each other and the amazing LaSalle II community!