The Writings of Middle School ELA

Sixth and Seventh-grade students are currently working in and succeeding using multiple vehicles of learning. As you’ll see in the attached picture, students are currently using our new Amplify curriculum and obtaining great results. One of the remarkable parts of this new curriculum is that when students are completing a typing assignment, I am able to give them real-time feedback while they write, which supports our students’ writing and turnaround time.

Sixth grade is currently reading excerpts from the novel Boy by Roald Dahl while developing their skills in critical thinking, analysis, and the difference between showing and telling in writing as well as honing their vocabulary skills.

Our Seventh-grade students are taking an early dive into the Cultural Revolution by reading excerpts from the novel Red Scarf Girl by Ji-li Jiang. In just a few short weeks, we continue to be amazed at how strong propaganda can be in twisting reality for masses of people and how everything that glitters is not gold. Our students continue to develop their writing, reading, speaking, and listening acumen. When we complete this unit, we will be reading Chicago’s very own Lorraine Hansberry’s “A Raisin in the Sun.”

Ongoing this quarter is our students’ interaction with objective news sources with the goal of developing objective writing. We have accomplished this through the use of Edpuzzle, SCOPE, Choices, and Junior Scholastic magazine, CNN10, and NewsELA. It is an important skill to develop in our young people as they are going to consume media and/or information, they must know how to separate facts from fiction and present that information in an objective well thought out response. I am happy to report, that the results thus far are strong and I anticipate will only get better as the year progresses!