10th Annual Healthy Family Fest & Track-a-thon 2020!

The Healthy Family Fest and school Track-a-thon was created with a focus on healthy eating, exercise, environmental stewardship, mind/ body connections and many other aspects of wellness. While we won’t be able to have our usual Healthy Family Fest or Track-a-thon this year, all LaSalle II families are invited to participate in our Healthy Family Contest/Track-a-thon brought to you by the PTO!

We will be using FlipGrid for students to submit a video or image to show your school community creative and fun ways to stay active and healthy during our time apart. For example, you could submit a short instructional workout video or a healthy recipe with a picture. Be creative and work together with your family to create your entry. Entries must be submitted by 3pm Friday October 23rd, 2020 for consideration. Entry directions will be forthcoming! 

Four entries will be selected to receive a $50 gift card from a restaurant in our school‘s neighborhood. Winning submissions will be posted to our school website, Facebook page, and in the next issue of the Falcon Flier. Questions can also be submitted to Ashley Ganbold at [email protected]