The Writings of Middle School ELA

Sixth and Seventh grade students are in the process of completing their first units in the Pearson Realize textbook!

Sixth grade will begin writing their first essay of the school year. It will be a narrative nonfiction essay! Over a two-three week span, students will learn how great writers tell their stories, develop a story arc, draft, edit, revise, and publish, then they will live those same steps. Students will use their response to the Essential Question “What are some of the challenges and triumphs of growing up?” in their essays as well.

Our Seventh-grade scholars are closing out Unit 5, ‘Overcoming Adversity.’ They will begin writing an informative essay the week of 12/9 using their responses to at least five Essential Question responses. Students will continue the development of their writing techniques we began last year to produce well-researched, well-cited, well-articulated pieces of writing.