Social-Emotional Learning Theme of the Month: YOU!

This year LaSalle II will be focusing on a different social-emotional learning theme each month. All students will learn about this theme in their classes, and we would love for parents to be involved as well! Keep in touch with our monthly social-emotional learning themes by reading the Falcon Flier and checking your teachers’ websites.

To start the year off, this month’s theme will be ‘YOU’! Students will be encouraged to learn about their uniquenesses and locate both similar and different qualities in others. Although many students have been in school together for years, we can always learn more about one another. Be sure to stop by the bulletin board across from the main office to see what kinds of things YOU mean to our school community!

In addition to what we are doing at school, we encourage you to ask your child about the theme of the month at home. Here are some essential questions you can explore related to this month’s theme:

  • In what ways are you unique or special?
  • What was one unique or special thing you found out about a classmate?
  • Why is it important that we celebrate each other’s unique or special traits?