Room 222 Celebrates Cinco De Mayo

In honor of our school’s mission of “providing students with the highest quality of programs across core subject areas and educating them about other cultures”, Room 222 Celebrated Cinco De Mayo!

Students in room 222 learned about many famous Hispanics who influenced the culture in positive ways. Our videos and articles highlighted famous Hispanics like Selena Quintanilla, Cesar Chavez, Roberto Clemente and Jaime Escalante to name a few. After gathering this information, students completed assignments like comprehension, cause and effect, fact and opinion and a special culminating activity. This activity had a huge impact on the students as they worked together to get it all done. The activity was differentiated in order to provide the appropriate experience for each student and each student achieved success. Not only did they learn new things about famous Hispanics, they learned new things about themselves and their ability to work together in order to complete a project. They also learned that each and every piece of this poster matters just as each and every one of them matter!