7th and 8th Grade Math Station Fridays

There is no surprise that our LaSalle II middle school students are very unique and exceptional.  Our students are hard-working and work at different levels. To meet students at their needs, we have implemented Station Fridays in seventh and eighth grade.  Typically, these stations are similar week to week and include a game station, computer station, and teacher station. The students enjoy working through games such as the 24 Game to work on their numerical fluency.  They are even allowed to use dry-erase markers on Mrs. Guillaume’s desks! The computer station could consist of academic resources IXL or Khan Academy, or a math game or vocabulary review. Lastly, the teacher station is with Mrs. Guillaume and can range from pushing students to work on higher level Algebra, geometry or statistics, or filling in gaps that will help the students better understand grade-level concepts.  The best part is that it is completely differentiated to the student’s need! Next Friday, ask a seventh or eighth grader what they did during Station Friday.