4th and 5th Grades State at MB Ice Arena

The Chicago Blackhawks offer a “First Stride” program for students in 4th and 5th grades.  The program is split into two parts.  One part introduces students to ice-skating.  The second part has students working on Chrome books using STEM activities. Students and teachers had a wonderful time and were treated to skating with Jamal Mayers; a member of the 2013 Stanley Cup Blackhawks. Mr. Mayers sat and spoke with each child signed t-shirts and photo cards.


Students learned the basics of ice-skating including how to fall and get back up.  They played games, had races and were pushed around the ice by the coaches.  Some of the highlights of they day included watch Corey “Crow” Crawford warm up as we entered the building.  Next the students saw the ENTIRE Blackhawk team on the ice practicing for the exhibition game that evening. Finally, Ethan H. was chosen to “Shoot the Puck” during the game that evening.  Ethan was on the ice at the United Center between periods.


It truly was a wonderful day for all students and staff involved.  We look forward to having the coaches out to LaSalle II later this year to work with more Falcons.