Student Council Food Drive

This year, the Student Council will continue the tradition of collecting food and making food baskets for members of our own school community who may need some extra help around the holidays. In addition, this year we will donate the remaining food to the Chicago Greater Food Depository to help community members and families displaced by the natural disasters this year. We are asking each classroom to please donate from the list of items for their classroom. There are also some additional items we will need help with. In order to make sure this collection goes smoothly, any donations will be greatly appreciated. The collection will begin on November 6th and will end on November 15th. You may bring food drive items to report card pick- up. Please make sure all items are store bought, non -perishable and in their original containers. You may bring food drive items to report card pick- up. Please check all expiration dates. Baskets will go out before Thanksgiving break. Anyone interested in making a donation towards the purchase of perishable food items such as turkeys, milk and eggs may send donations to the main office in an envelope marked “LaSalle II Food Drive Donation”

The classroom that brings in the most items in Prek-2, 3-5 and 6-8 will win a prize of their choice. Students may choose one of the following: 20 minutes of extra recess for one day, a movie in the classroom or materials for a class activity.

All Pre- K- canned soup, soup mixes, chilies, stews, noodle soups, canned meats, stuffing mixes

108 (Kindergarten)- tea, coffee, non-perishable creamers, cereal, cereal bars, cranberry sauce

110 (Kindergarten)- Hamburger Helper, boxed dinner mixes or kits, boxed pasta mixes, gravy packets

109 ( 1st grade)- olive oils, cooking oils, cooking sprays, salad dressings, mustard, ketchup, cranberry sauce, stuffing mix

115 (1st grade)- non-perishable sweets, hard candy, granola bars, fruit snacks, fruit cups, dried fruit

201 ( 2nd grade)- oatmeal, peanut, soy or almond butter, jellies, bread mixes, flour, sugar, vegetable oil, cranberry sauce

202 (2nd grade)- boxed rice, dried beans, rice mixes, flavored rice, stuffing mix, gravy

120 (3rd grade)- pasta, pasta sauce, macaroni and cheese, fettuccini sauce, potato mixes

123 (3rd grade)-  cocoa, drink mixes, honey, sweeteners, sugar, flour, oils, spreads and jellies, cranberry sauce, canned vegetables

124 (4th grade)- canned tuna, canned beans, canned vegetables

221 (4th grade)- spices, canned fruit, dried fruit, cookie mixes, cereal, cereal bars, sugar, flour

223 ( 5th grade)- sauces, pasta, alfredo sauce, gravies, sauce mixes and packets, vegetable oil

224 (5th grade)- dessert mixes, cake mixes, canned icing, corn bread mixes, bread mixes, canned fruit, flour, sugar

215 (6th grade) – salt, pepper, microwaveable popcorn, snack packs, bread mixes, crackers, potatoes, cranberry sauce

216 (6th grade) –stuffing mixes, potato mixes, spice packets, marinades or rubs, dried or canned beans, vegetable oil

211 (7th grade)- canned vegetables, canned soup, salt, pepper, rice, canned chicken, canned tuna, tomato sauce, beans

217 (7th grade)- mustard, ketchup, condiments, stuffing mixes, potato mixes, vegetable oil

212 (8th grade)- coffee, cocoa, drink mixes, salad dressings, hot chocolate

214 (8th grade)- rice, canned vegetables, cooking oils, olive oils


Additional items needed: if you are able to donate reusable shopping bags, or boxes, these would be greatly appreciated, please send these to the main office.