Perujazz Field Trip

LaSalle II is a World Language is the Magnet school, and an important piece to each student’s education is exposure to the cultures and communities that embrace the languages that they are learning. This helps our kids become better able to understand other people’s points of view, ways of life, and contributions to the world.

We are fortunate to live in a diverse city with exciting field trip opportunities. Recently our 4th and 5th grade Spanish students visited the Old Town School of Folk Music for a performance by Perujazz. The concert featured traditional Peruvian instruments such as the quena, zampona and bongos with contemporary tenor sax, electric bass and drums, just to name a few. You learn more about the band here:

Money raised by the PTO funded the bus transportation that made this trip possible. Students studying other languages take similar trips throughout the year. We need your help to continue to provide cultural experiences like this. Please join the other 10 families who are using the monthly donation option as their way of contributing to the LaSalle II PTO Campaign for Excellence. A donation of $50 per month could provide 60 children exposure to a unique experience like this trip. Donations of any amount are appreciated.