20 for 20 Campaign- Fight for CPS School Funding

From CPS CEO Forrest Claypool:

CPS leadership, the community, and faith leaders stood up to launch a grassroots effort to raise awareness about our funding disparity – and to demand equality from our lawmakers.

The numbers tell a clear story

Chicago students make up 20 percent of the enrollment in Illinois public schools. Chicagoans contribute 20 percent of the income tax revenue used to fund public education. Yet our children receive just 15 percent of the education funding from Springfield.

The missing 5 percent is $500 million this year alone–enough to save our schools.

This year, that means CPS received $.74 cents per student from the state, compared to the $1.00 per student received by every other district in the state.

And with the release of Governor Rauner’s budget last week, which includes a cut of $74 million to CPS, while increasing funding for already wealthy districts, it’s clear more action is needed.

CPS is facing a $1 billion budget deficit next year, and without funding reform, our schools face devastating cuts.

Last fall you helped take up this cause – the letter writing campaigns and videos took on a life of their own and came to our defense.  We need your help once again.  Please be creative, get the message out and join the fight for equal funding.

We need all members of our community to tell their state senators and representatives to vote no on Governor Rauner’s budget on any education budget that does not reform our state’s broken funding system.

Go to cps.edu/equality, where you can easily call, email, or use social media to connect with your elected representatives.