Mission Propelle Yoga visits Ernst & Young

Group 1

IMG_0012 Mission Propelle Yoga wanted to support our girls outside of the classroom and partnered up with Ernst & Young.The girls met with the Women Forward group, a organized group of women in E&Y who are committed to ensuring all women within the organization have the opportunity to obtain leadership.

Upon arriving the girls met with the executive women and took a tour of the executive floor and an additional floor in the building. It was incredibly powerful witnessing YOUR girls sit around a conference table in one of the biggest accounting firms in the country to discuss what leadership means to them.

After our tour we did a Mission Propelle class with the E&Y team. We read CEO Dottie Tov (tablet friend version attached) and discussed ambition. We set goals, talked about the steps we needed to take to achieve our goals and encouraged one another along the way. The group participated in yoga and shouted our mantra, “I am smart, I am strong, I am kind, I am a girl!.” Following class the girls had time to ask the women at EY questions about their work and career trajectories.

The girls walked out of the building armed and ready to take on gender inequality and leadership. It was a remarkable day!

SOME FABULOUS QUOTES FROM TODAY (just a few snippets, too many to capture):
“This is the fanciest building Ive ever been too, except for a funeral.”- Eleanor
“What kind of plumbing do they have in this building?”- Ellie (Ms. Linnea and Ellie chatted on the bus about Ellie’s aspirations to become a developer. We love that you are thinking about development in all aspects!)
“The problem I see is that girls and boys are paid differently.”- Lindsey
“I am setting a goal to run another 5K. I know I will need to work hard to get there.”- Gabi