Box Tops Fundraiser

From Karen Miles:

Dear LaSalle II Family,

Our school collects Box Tops! We will be sending in the Box Tops that we collect by March 1, 2016. Our goal this school year is to earn $1,000. We earned $641 last year. You can help us reach our goal by sending in your NON-EXPIRED Box Tops.

Beginning in January, the room with the highest number of non-expired Box Tops submitted will earn bragging rites and get to display the winner wreath in their room for a month! Each month, a new room will have a chance to win the wreath, with a grand prize winning room to be announced in April!

  • Bundle your Box Tops in groups of 10 or 50 using a sealable bag or envelope. MAKE SURE TO LABEL WITH YOUR CHILD’S ROOM NUMBER.
  • Tape or glue Box Tops on a collection sheet, available here or use the links below. MAKE SURE TO LABEL WITH YOUR CHILD’S ROOM NUMBER.

We are off to a good start with enough Box Tops for about $90, but I know that we can do MUCH BETTER! Please keep sending them in but make sure to label your bag or sheet with your child’s room number! A new room will be declared a winner each month until the end of the contest and then there will be a grand prize!

[button link=”” linking=”new-window” size=”medium” type=”wide” title=”Box tops collection sheet”]Collection Sheet[/button]