2015 LaSalle II Hour of Code

LaSalle II Hour of Code

From Ms Keane:

December 7-13 is, Computer Science Education Week and people all over the globe are participating in “Hour of Code” events. Depaul University organized an event and invited Ms Keane to bring a group from LaSalle II. Twenty-one third graders took a field trip to the Computer and Digital Media department at Depaul’s downtown campus for an Hour of Code.

Students learned that computers help us to tackle all sorts of tasks and to solve problems. Code is computer language and programming is writing code, the instructions that tell computers how to help us.

Everyone got to code with a few activities that had a Minecraft theme. If you are interested in learning more about the hour of code you can check out this site. https://hourofcode.com/us

You can also find the activities on the following sites: https://code.org/api/hour/begin/mc and http://codecombat.com/play.

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