Eighth Grade

There are some exciting things happening in eighth grade. Eighth grade has just wrapped up its unit on slavery where students were asked to reflect and respond on the injustices of slavery and what role they can play in creating social change.


Throughout the unit, students learned the depth and horrors of both historical and modern day slavery. The class read several nonfiction articles, as well as a novel. In addition, we watched TED talks, and other videos that highlighted the ways in which slavery has and continues to impact our society.


As a culminating activity, students were asked to create a product that portrays The Evolution of Slavery: Past, Present and Future. Groups were chosen based on interest. Some students made murals, some an exhibit, a documentary, and others wrote and performed a rap. One of the rap groups even composed and played their own music during their performance. We were very impressed with the final products. Great job, 8th grade!


Earlier in the week, we had students from Spain visit our class. Students had a blast getting to know one another. Our Spanish-speaking students loved having the opportunity to translate our lesson for our visitors. Students participated in discussions surrounding South Africa and the impact of apartheid. After reading the selection Out of Bounds, students had a meaningful, active dialogue about the injustices that occurred within the text.