Following are examples of recent works that Ms Tingley’s Art classes have created.

Second Grade Art

Our 2nd grade students designed and drew koi fish.


Third Grade Art

Our 3rd grade students painted three dimensional Egyptian cats while incorporating the technique of collage.


Fourth Grade Art

The 4th grade students Drew pastel portraits inspired by the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.


Fifth Grade Art

Our 5th grade students used traditional sumi-e brushes to paint Chinese cherry blossoms and then design and draw a Chinese vase in traditional blue and white colors


Sixth Grade Art

The 6th grade students also used oil pastel to draw their version of the Guatemalan Quetzal and also designed birdcages.

Art Projects-7993


Seventh Grade Art

The 7th grade students designed geometric patterned inspired by traditional Arabic tile work.


Eighth Grade Art

The 8th grade students designed and drew Chinese dragons.


Art Vocab by Grade

This chart from Ms Tingley’s Art Room illustrates the vocabulary that students are learning by grade.