2015 Science Olympiad

Our Science Olympiad teams were extremely successful in their recent competition. Each team, JV and Varsity, competed in 23 different Science orientated competitions like building events such as bridges, elastic launched gliders, wheeled vehicles, air trajectory and bottle rockets, to other competitions such as Fossils, Anatomy and Physiology, Green Generation, Meteorology and many more.

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Science OlympiadEach of our teams placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in 15 out of the 23 competitions in their respective divisions. We competed against 17 different schools. LaSalle II placed 4th overall. The top 5 teams win a bid for State competition. State will be held on April 18th.

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Varsity Team:
Carlos S., David M., Billy B., Alexis M., Maia C., Quin C., David S., Edgar M., Ricardo G., Jayson C., Oscar S., Emma Z., Ashton M., Jacqueline O., and Chloe M.

Junior Varsity:
Salam H., Adam H., Sean H., Eric S., Stella M., Karla D., Sylivia G, Elliana B., Ethan I., Jazmin S., Nathan B., Ethan D., Ian F., and Megan M.

A huge thank you to our coach Mr. Taff for working so tirelessly with our students!

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