Type to Learn Keyboarding Program

LaSalle II students now have the opportunity to practice and develop their keyboarding skills with a keyboarding program called Type to Learn 4, aka TTL4. Not only will they practice keyboarding in their technology classes but will be able to access Type to Learn 4 program at home. Parents and students can follow the instructions below to access the program.

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Type to Learn 4 will set the Words per minute and accuracy goals for the students. A good high goal is about 5 words per minute for each grade level. A fourth grader should try and reach 20 words per minute. Students can view their progress under the reports tab on the main screen.

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If you have any questions, please email Ms. Keane at [email protected] Students have their usernames and passwords in their agenda books or have them memorized for computer classes. Since students do not have computer class every day, it is critical for those who have computers at home to practice and reinforce their keyboarding skills.

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