Youth Chinese Test Results

In November, 2014, students in our Chinese language program voluntarily took the Youth Chinese Test (YCT), a series of tests administered by the China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. This test is considered the most influential and reliable test for evaluating the proficiency of Mandarin learners. The YCT series has four levels of written testing and two levels of oral testing.

LaSalle II is proud to announce that:

  • Nine of eleven 2nd graders took and passed the YCT level I test.
  • Eleven students, from 3rd thru 6th grade, took and passed Level II.
  • Twenty-two of twenty-three students took and passed the level III test.
  • Level IV, the highest level of the tests for students, is equivalent to the adult Chinese Proficiency Test level III (HSK) and is the minimum requirement level to enroll in a Chinese university. Two of our sixth graders passed this test and two others missed by 4 and 6 points, respectively.

Congratulations to all the students on this noteworthy accomplishment and to their teacher, Ms. Rangxian Wang.