Seventh Graders Studying Water Issues

One of the books Ms Gipson’s seventh grade students were required to read was A Long Walk to Water. It was about water issues in Sudan, Africa. As they were reading, I realized the water issues presented in the book were unrealistic to them. The concept of ‘It’s not going to happen in America’.

Seventh Grade IMG_0263

The book they are reading now, The Big Thirst – The Secret Life and Turbulent Future of Water brings the issue to their front door – it’s about how developed countries use water and the very threat of our running out of it. Our students are learning that we are in a ‘Golden Age’ of water and how it has become invisible to us since we have it readily available on tap.

Seventh Grade IMG_0272 (1)

They will then fashion an argument about a water issue, create a survey on how our community uses water, and use the data for a public speaking assignment in combination with their argument.