PreK Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes and fingerplays have become a lost art. They are important for developing phonological awareness. “Phonological awareness is a broad skill that includes identifying and manipulating units of oral language – parts such as words, syllables, and onsets and rimes. Children who have phonological awareness are able to identify and make oral rhymes, can clap out the number of syllables in a word, and can recognize words with the same initial sounds like ‘money’ and ‘mother.’” (Source:

In room 101, we have been working to bring nursery rhymes back. We have been reading The Neighborhood Mother Goose. The children were particularly interested in Humpty Dumpty. We brought in eggs (a hard boiled egg, plastic egg and raw egg) and predicted what would happen when Humpty Dumpty fell. Additionally, we talked about what happened first, next and last as we discussed the story.

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