Dance & Etiquette Programs

Middle School Dance Program

Ms. Bucciarelli has organized a World Language dance class for our students in grades 6-8. After school a professional dance teacher from Dancing with Class will lead us as we learn dances such as the dabke, ribbon dance, lamba, tango and others! All interested students in the program will perform at our next World Language Fest!

Deadline to sign-up is 9/26.

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Middle School Etiquette Program

Students in grades 6-8 have the opportunity to participate in a program called CORE Etiquette for Everyday Students, which is a 6-week program with a culminating activity during the 7th week. The primary objective of this program is to give students a solid foundation in proper etiquette and secondarily, how applying simple changes in behavior can strengthen character and enhance confidence that will better prepare students for a lifetime of success. Please see the sign-up sheet below.

There is no cost to students to participate. The program will run 1 day per week for 1 hour.

Applications are due 9/26

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