Education & Wellness Committee Meeting, 2/17

The Education and Wellness Committee will be Meeting on Monday, 2/17 at 8:00 a.m. in the Parent Room.

Here’s the agenda:

I. Call to Order
II. Approval of Agenda
III. Approval of January Minutes
IV. Old Business
• Laptop functionality & printer
• Room Parent Program/Parent Volunteering
o Summer Meet-Ups per grade
o Teacher Luncheon to gather ideas
• Parent Presentations
o Parent Coffees – 2/19
o Communicating with your Teens/Tweens (3/4)
o Take Back Your Health
o Lunchbox & Learn Recap: Granola Bar Recipe from Liz Isaacs Lunchbox N’ Learn
o ISAT Recap
o Active Parenting videos
• Student Presentations
o Veggie Appreciation Day Recap
o Student Meditation
o ISAT Snacks
o Dental Health
o Fire Safety
o Student Internet Safety – Officer Rufo – Interest?
V. New Business
• Webpage on school site
o List events past and present
o Link to meeting minutes
o Need committee volunteer

VI. Adjourn – Next Meeting TBD March, 2014