Don't Miss Having a Tile in the Playground Mural

Campus Re-imagination is Moving Forward

We are breaking ground on PHASE 2 of our Campus Re-imagination – much of the Wolcott side playground – this summer. Your support through the Capital Campaign helped the Playground Committee work to get financial support from Alderman Moreno, CPS, Open Lands Organization and Christie Webber Landscaping, to make this phase possible!


What is Playground Phase 2?

PHASE 2 on the Wolcott side of the school will include new playground equipment, new soft surface (replacing battered old concrete), and newly laid basketball courts (with a total of four hoops). The area includes the concrete edge from the athletic field north to the branch building, and runs East to West from the school entrance to Wolcott street. Read more here.

During this phase we’ll also see the installation of learning gardens, made possible by “Open Lands” organization. Just this past fall, Open Lands and Christie Webber helped us complete PHASE 1, our new Outdoor Classroom on the corner of Honore and Division Street (our local SSA also contributed to funding PHASE 1).

An exciting addition to PHASE 2: our new MURAL installation! Funded in part by the families via the Capital Campaign, this mural will be installed on the bridge wall (the exterior wall in the courtyard that connects the main and branch buildings).

Families that have given at the top two levels (see attached card) in any one year over the last 3 years, will receive a family tile/brick in the mural. We will plan a special date for these families to get together and create their tiles/bricks. There is still time to get your family’s name on the mural by contributing to this year’s pledge drive, so please read on.


All Students will be Involved

Every child at LaSalle II will lend a hand with the new mural slated for installation this summer (based on playground construction schedules). The design and implementation will be woven into Ms. Tingley’s spring art curriculum and we’ll have the guidance of a visiting artist on hand as well. With feedback from a recent parent survey, we’re currently devising the final theme. Thanks to everyone for your feedback!


What is Planned for Phase 3 & Beyond?

We are now raising dollars for PHASE 3 including a NEW athletic field with artificial turf and new drainage system to allow for more year-round access to the field. In addition, we’ll be attending to other infrastructure needs including cafeteria upgrades and improved lighting for our gymnasium. Even farther out… we’ll focus efforts on the Honore Street side with an “International Courtyard” along the frontage of the building.


Now is the Time to Secure Your Tile in the Mural!

The deadline to pledge at the top two tiers is now for your family to be included (with a tile/brick) in the new mural installation! Once the mural design is laid out, your family’s opportunity to be a part of the mural will be closed.

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