Painting with Master Kuai

The Confucius Institute in Chicago and the Chicago Chinese Cultural Institute partnered to bring Master Kuai, a renowned ink painter in China, to twenty schools in Chicago. It was honor to host him here at LaSalle II.

Master Kuai Painting

He held two workshops with our fourth through seventh graders studying Chinese and with one of Ms. Tingley’s art classes. During the first, he showed the group how to paint a horse. The second group learned how to paint fish. He demonstrated the proper way to hold the brush while painting and how to use the water to create the illusion of texture and dimension. Both groups enjoyed the experience, and discovered that this type of ink painting uses a different technique.

Practicing Master Kuai's Technique

Student Artist with Master Kuai

Master Kuai also discussed how the artist must take into consideration where the title of the painting will be as well as the artist’s signature. Each signature consists of two red stamps – one representing his family name and the other for his first name. To balance the stamps with his name, he includes two more red stamps with the title. One red stamp indicates the season of the painting and the other shows that the painting is complete. The final stamp ensures the painting must be balanced, as a symbol of the balance, or the yin and yang, we must have in our lives.

Master Kuai Painting Fish

Horse Painted by Master Kuai

Master Kuai graciously presented two of his paintings to Ms. Wang. They will soon be on display at LaSalle II.

Master Kuai with Ms Wang